What Is Fascism?

What Is Fascism?

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  1. look how joe biden and the democrats own all of the news channels.. also they are for syria and building the nuke program in iran to kill the jews. plus they are invading ukraine and murdering hundreds of russian jews. JOE BIDEN has no other opposition and they continue to be the winners in trhe usa.

  2. The USA have been fascist since the second world war.

    After the great depression the old guard tried to stop the government from evolving into a fascist state but when Japan saw that they could turn the USA into a communist government just by attacking, they jumped in head first and they thought it would happen in a few years.

    Maybe 5 to 10 years and they thought that the USA would be communist but because of the old guard and also because of the common US citizen idea of communism. They struggled to make the US fascist, especially using the word communist. .

    But NOW!!!!!