What If We Used the Full Capacity of Our Brains? – John Assaraf

What If We Used the Full Capacity of Our Brains? – John Assaraf

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  1. Wow………..this is one of the most epic and motivating video that I see. I agree that the core of imanjinations is how you have more focus on doing something that you want to achieve and we must teach to someone important things, a little spice, it is Long Thinking to be able to make them part our unconscious competence brain.
    And also self-talk is critical for us.

    For anyone want to give me a feedback, my pleasure I reserve it😊😊 I will wait for you

  2. You need to cancel the thoughts that are disempowering. Louise Hay, Joseph Murphy, and many other authors wrote that we should never end negative thoughts. We should always replace them with a stronger, empowering, POSITIVE thought/intention. Regardless of how many times we have to do it in a day. This is an excerpt from Joseph Murphy's book :

    A young boy of about sixteen years of age in my neighborhood came to see me. He complained that his father would not allow him to go to college and become an engineer. His father was constantly saying, “We don't have the money to send you to college. We can't meet the mortgage on our home or the note that is due at the bank. We never make ends meet. Forget it!”

    You can see the reason for this father's financial lack. He was constantly dwelling on lack, limitation, and financial restrictions of all kinds, and his subconscious naturally responded according to the nature of his habitual thinking. Think rich and riches follow; think poverty and poverty follow.
    I explained to this boy's father that all he needed was to cultivate the feeling of opulence and to constantly imagine that he possessed all kinds of riches. As a result, every night prior to sleep he imagined that he had received a letter from his son, telling him how happy he was to be in college and thanking him for all he had done for him. Furthermore, he claimed silently and feelingly: “God is the eternal source of my supply, meeting all my needs at every instant.”

    During the day when thoughts came to his mind, such as “I am short of money. I hardly know how to pay my bills. What have I to give? I am broke,” and so forth, he never permitted the sentence to be finished in his mind. He persisted in neutralizing the negativity by immediately affirming: “God is the constant source of my supply, meeting all of my needs instantaneously.” Often, at first, he had to do this thirty and forty times in one hour, but after a few days the momentum and force of habitual negative thoughts died out, and he ceased to be troubled by them.

    Then, almost miraculously, he won a large sum of money from a lucky lottery ticket which paid all his debts and gave him increased confidence and faith in the power of his mind to meet all his needs at all times everywhere.

    Guard your thoughts and all times. Yes, It takes some discipline but it's worth it. It's the hardest thing you have to do but that's your life changes for the better. The mind is the forerunner of all things as the Buddha said. David Hawkins wrote that a single thought has the power to manifest in your life for better or worse. He also said that what we hold in our mind tends to manifest. Therefore you want to fill your mind with thoughts that are aligned with your desired reality. What is real is what you fabricate in your consciousness. If you want to manifest your dreams, focus on what you want in your mind and only on what you want.

  3. 👈👈👈☝️☝️☝️👈👈👈☝️ fact about our brain
    "So why are we often unable to retrieve information from memory? One possible explanation of retrieval failure is known as decay theory. According to this theory, a memory trace is created every time a new theory is formed. Decay theory suggests that over time, these memory traces begin to fade and disappear. If​ the information is not retrieved and rehearsed, it will eventually be lost."

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    Today’s Word – Gallimaufry– A mixture of different things; hodge-podge.

  5. It's crazy because if all humans take this concept and understand this and understand each other on this level we can truly have world peace and understanding. Just takes time and learning.

  6. Far too many people discredit how powerful our mind is. People love to focus on the physical outward health yet our mental and emotional health is neglected and often what we believe about us in the world is what actually makes us who we are meaning if we don't change our thinking we can't truly change ourselves.

  7. I have a story that was such a strong experience for me. Heading to my job, im a sub contractor, meaning I am paid by my clients not by the clock. I'm very passionate about my profession and always give my best for these people.
    One day I was running late, something I hate. Catching a train, I power walked from the station, sweating and had no mind for anything but my lateness. As I walk in, im greeted by my manager. Lovely woman who actually interviewed and hired me. She obviously saw things in me I did not and paid because I was always booked. She had noticed my distress, took my hand and said just take 3 deep breathes for me with her big rosy cheeks and smile. I did so and literally the stress washed away from me like water over a rock. It was like I was instantly "cured" of my stress and have to say also was abit emotional about the whole experience.
    The moral is be kind and genuine to yourself. This only worked because she was sincere and I did exactly as she asked. If you be kind and trust yourself all these techniques will absolutely work. If you don't your clever mind will immediately sense dishonesty and remain defensive.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day and respect the millions of cells in your body that work tirelessly everyday to allow you amazing possibilities and experiences.

  8. Hmmm? Think about your referral to “unconscious”? ? Is there such a living possibility? Or is unconscious a brick? Just think on that “Subconsciously!”? You may have a decision to arrive at!

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