What Are You Going Through Right NOW? (Motivational Video for Overcoming Pain)

What Are You Going Through Right NOW? (Motivational Video for Overcoming Pain)

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Audio Machine – When It Falls Down
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Mel Robbins
Jocko Willing
Nick Vujicic

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  1. My dream is to become a military historian or just a historian in general. The thing is that I love history. I talk about history day in day out, I love to read books about history, I love to watch movies about history. But death is what scares me. Sure this is obvious, a lot of people are afraid of death. But I had a dream quite recently with me holding a gun towards my head and I pressed the bullet, I woke up and I thought to myself, It wouldn't be hard to end it.
    So my point is that working isn't the problem but death is and I just don't know what to do about it.

  2. My life is so easy and uneventful, yet I'm struggling to get through it. That only means one thing: I'm a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to exist. Lol

  3. I watched this video with tears streaming down my face, because I felt like a failure in life, school, and everything I do and I wanted to quit all the things I’ve worked hard for, all the things I spent count less hours on but I watched this video, and noticed that I’m living my life wrong and not handling the bad times right I’ve noticed that I have to use the bad times in life to grow and make me stronger and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart because this has changed everything for me ?

  4. Confused AF about how this only has 23 dislikes. You are basically saying "Life is hard, autism/altimers/insert mental disorder here is a choice". People that underestimate depression make me mad. It is a mental illness, an ILLNESS that is not CHOSEN.

  5. I woke up with a splitting headache today morning from all the crying yesterday night coz I failed an exam. Well the reality, like this video made me realise, is this –
    “Crisis is for those people who know how to use it as a fuel for going forward.”
    There’s no going ahead till we’ve understood this completely and ingrained it in our minds.
    Plus this video showed all Those Great beings – Stephen Hawking, Kobe Bryant, The character Rocky, Stephen Curry etc – who rose from the ashes using their pain.
    Thank you, MotivationGrid.

  6. i cried like a little bitch but then i remembered that the biggest season and opportunity in my life is in a months time and im gonna take it whether im questioning my decisions but im not gonna live a life of regret and im gonna have to embrace the difficult road that lies infront of me. To ya'll out there who are going through shit or through a time where you have to make one of the biggest decision of your life; always think about where you will be in the future if you go down this path and the new people you'll meet , the new experiences you'll feel and the new memories you'll feel and be logical but dont ignore your gut

  7. Took the warpath at the gym my people, it fucked my joints. I'm 24 and my joints are fucked. I could workout again, and it would never heal, I have gone through so much pain. Depression has been caused by this warpath.
    I certainly don't have all the answers, but when you fight, you get hurt, and being hurt fucking sucks. I can tell you that it's only when I decided to finally give up that I could get some healing, and some of my injuries got better, but yeah I had to give up what I loved first.