WATCH THIS When You've Lost Hope | The Most Motivational 5 Minutes EVER…

WATCH THIS When You've Lost Hope | The Most Motivational 5 Minutes EVER…

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This is for those who feel they’ve lost hope, please like and share guys it really helps us reach and help more people. Thank you always for the support.

We have been given us exclusive permission to remix and create a motivational video that will help you start your day right. Huge Thank you to Lewis Howes, his channel link is below.

► Favourite Quote From The Speaker
“And you can break yourself free from your hereditary patterns, cultural codes, social beliefs; and prove once and for all that the power within you is greater than the power that’s in the world.”

Never be afraid to find your passion, I know it can seem hard at first but listen to your heart, go off social media, block out the noise and see what truly lights you up and go from there unapologetically. I hope this motivational video helps you get your head right as you start your day. I hope you find hope when you feel hopeless.

►The Speaker

Full Interviews below:
It is time for you to leave mediocrity behind you

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Our private composer has created the music exclusively for #AbsoluteMotivation

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All our footage has been licensed in this #MotivationalVideo

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  1. Thank you so much for the support guys, I'd love to hear your feedback so if you enjoyed the video please tell us! If you didn't like it, tell us too! It helps us get better at creating content. As always, if you have the time please like and share to those you think it can help, it really helps to message spread. Without you guys, we would be nothing! So thank you!

    Quote of the day
    “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

  2. Successful life is where your success is defined by others
    But a satisfied life is where you live ,love , beyourself and be the best version of yourself and actually where you are destined to be and deserve to

  3. I love singing acting modeling but my mum tells me to stop doing that and focus. Unfortunately she didn't go to school so she wants to fulfil that dream through me.i believe I won't let her down

  4. Hey am Angel Baraza from kenya try so hard sleepless nights early mornings to study but still fail its 2months I do my final exam am scared .I got depressed after all that pressure had to go for alot of counseling. I hope and believe GOD'S with me and a soon as I get my grade I will tell u guys.bcoz words u have said will keep me going never give up

  5. "…have faith; that your faith be steadfast as a rock that no earthly storms can move, that nothing can disturb, and that it endure through all things even to the end … As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be. This is the balance – this is the balance – this is the balance." – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Bahá’í Writings

  6. I used to enjoy life and I was blessed with the ability to excel greatly in my work and fitness. One day, my brother gave me swimming ear plugs to use to dim out the noise at night, which caused a nerve infection in my head causing endless pain for many years, and possibly for many years to come. He felt that I was sensitive to noise at night, but in truth I couldn't stand the noise and clatter he made when he came home after drinking with he friends (which he often did when he first moved in with me). I brought my brother in to live with me because I wanted to protect him from my father, but I ended up being the architect of my own demise. Since then I've lost my job, friends, my relationship, I fell into depression and gained a lot of weight. People have lost hope in me. They told me that I brought this on myself because I "worked too hard". They don't believe in the ear plug incident because I was always had an estranged relationship with my family, and word spread about my "eccentricity" in my small town. I want to get up, but my physical pain keeps me down. I want to get up.

  7. I am passionate about transforming my pain and sharing that in a film that may make people relate to what I am feeling, and to hopefully reach a resolution to that pain, to answer the questions I have within the film’s I make

  8. People take my passion when I speak as a personal assault on them but if they just listen they would realize it's me expressing my passion for whatever I spoke about but then I realized no one can understand what you are saying cause they don't have the same Passion for life ???????

  9. My GREATEST ISSUE isn't people or what they think, though quality relationships are very important; it is a lack of vision, of guidance, the fear of the unknown that I face alone out there in the land of the unknown unknowns

  10. This is a very inspiring video. I am passionate about helping others turn their goals into a reality. I am passionate about seeing others succeed and living their dreams. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I have made a positive impact in someone's life. I want to be all I can be and continue to coach where a need arises. My knowledge can be that one step you need and vice versa…

  11. B.S. …. 4:22 … I just woke up , I have tried to help people and share good things … and they just used me … last few years i have lost a lot of money … I'm nowhere and alone now …

  12. The sense of our self awareness is we are blessed with only so much bright energy with in our own being to live and to create and to reflect! When others begin to rob you of that resource you know.. you can not survive as a whole person within yourself unless you surround yourself with people who nurture your spirit as you do the same for them
    Energy vampires is a real plague for the soul they only care about them selves short term and long term with the same end results.
    Run with your passion feel your passion as a child feels endless joy! your world.. your choice…
    Be mindful of your bright energy of life for ever to burn so bright! Take care of it and it! And it will take care of you…

  13. 3D, making environments. Was in school 2 years and needed to change schools in order to hit my focus. Then I got sick, then had minor surgery. My dad had a stroke, a week later my Mom collapsed. We made it thru Christmas and on new years eve I lost my job. Turned out a good event cause I got to spend more time with my mom. She passed 3 months later. I've all but given up on 3d. My favorite software quit working and they couldnt fix it and basically told me I was too stupid. I had been using it successfully for about 7 years. Dad is hanging on. he is 2 and senile, has parkinsons and not meaning disrespect is grumpy as hell and a narcissist. Its a toxic environment. I decided I didnt want to go back to retail mgt so studying for IT. I can do this as long as my dad is alive. Else it will be working two retail jobs to get by. I'm in hell. But i'm trying. Thank you for what you do. All the old comrades but one are gone, the price of being old I guess. Cheers, to better days.

    I am really really passionate about video games , it has been love of my life and can't imagine anything without it , .
    I am currently 17 , and I just don't to what to pursue further , the
    1) Career in Gaming
    2) just survive by a job that I know iam not going to love .

    My mind is so messed up , I am not getting what should I do ,

  15. The north west coast of california holds natural beauty in nature when I think of that I wonder and think of how happy I feel surrounded by lush green and moist atmospheric weather.

  16. Its hard. I had an intervire for an internship and i think i messed it up. Ive been rejectrd by so many places now. I feel like hope doesnt exist

  17. If I were to be myself then I would denounce society in general and become a wandering hobo that waits for death or salvation. I can’t imagine anyone being supportive of that.