WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Andrew Tate [YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS]

WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech By Andrew Tate [YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS]

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Join us in this newest motivational video where Andrew Tate shares some of his best life advice yet. We recommend watching until the end for a very special life tip!

Emory Andrew Tate III is an American-British Internet personality and former professional kickboxer.

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  1. I uses to think Andrew Tate was one of those those attention seeking random dudes, imposing ideas that he himself doesn't believe. But now I want to humbly apologise for thinking such about him. Once I actually started watching his speeches, I realised that he is an open minded, multi-millionaire, genius, and a positive person that I want to follow. I will happily pay from my savings to watch his lectures.

  2. He has changed my life but.. you can’t control depression Andrew.. it’s a uncontrolled chemical in the brain that’s missing causing this condition other then that.. I’m getting ready to get banned from Facebook and twitter cause I keep posting your videos 😂😂😂

  3. I was doubting being masculine. Thanks to Andrew I now stand strong for what I believe I want to be a the kind of man I want to be.
    Strong tall charismatic dangerous smart knowledgable chivalric fit rich and have a great women and a great family.

  4. I was once a hater of Andre Tate because of Nightfam. After doing my research. I have a high respect for him knowing he just wanted us to be successful. Protect this man at all costs. !!!

  5. "Before i'd heard about Andrew Tate, i used to wear my underwear then my pants." – Clark Kent
    "After listening to Andrew Tate i wear my pants then my underwear." – Kal El

  6. Everyday I go to school, all the soft, lazy, unintelligent people join the echochamber and hate on Andrew Tate. Sometimes I lie to myself and say that "Oh i don't know who tate is I totally stay neutral on him". THAT IS ALL BULLSHIT. I BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THIS MAN'S MOUTH. HE WILL NOT BE STOPPED. HE IS BUILDING A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR US GUYS. Andrew Tate inspires me everyday.