Waking up EARLY Will Change Your Life – The Billionaire Morning Routine – MasteryTV

Waking up EARLY Will Change Your Life – The Billionaire Morning Routine – MasteryTV

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Why Waking Up at 4am and More Importantly Having a Productive/Health Morning Routine Will Completely Change Your Life! Your morning routine has a lot to do with you who become. Get a head start on the rest of the world by skipping the snooze button and outworking your competition! These motivational videos are created to motivate students to study for exams, work hard, and fight feelings of depression and anxiety.

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Eric Thomas: https://www.youtube.com/user/etthehiphoppreacher

Les Brown: https://lesbrown.com/

Dwayne Johnson

Gary Vaynerchuk: https://www.youtube.com/user/GaryVaynerchuk

Tom Bilyeu

Matthew McConaughey

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  1. I loved the video, however what else besides motivating yourself for the day, working out, working, studying, reading, getting prepared, e.t.c, should you do?.

  2. The best motivational video ever on waking up!!! I tried to sleep 6h and i was Digging my grave , not productive at all always struggling with memorizing (med student)
    And as a matter of fact i started having a low slef-esteem so i decided to sleep at 10pm (can't sleep earlier) and wake up at 5:00-5:30 am having my 7 and half my hours of sleep

    And sometimes i take a productive 30 min nap in the noon 🤗

  3. I’m a person that really likes to sleep in and get things done after a long time and be lazy for the rest of the day
    But now i relized the things i can get done when i wake up early my goal everyday was to wake up early in the morning it just never happend
    BUT NOW!! as i watched the most of your vids my whole life changed i’m typing this at 5am i’ve been up sinds 4am and i feel so proud so probductive so motivated
    Thank you so so so much for helping me and others
    You really are inspiring ❤️

  4. I don't know why everyone keeps saying waking up early is good. I wake up 4am 6 times per week to go to work and I feel like sh*t after my 10 hour shift and just want to sleep afterwards. Maybe I'm waking up wrong or something but I rather want to wake up at like 8am everyday..

  5. been waking up for 5am for a few weeks now.. ma friends be calling me unhuman since i get up everyday working out instead of sleeping to 7-8Am lol. i love the feeling of waking up so early and know that im up and i got time, im even up before ma parents

  6. I m wake up at 4 am and bed time at 1 am only sleep 4 Hours At night but😢😰
    This could lead to accidents, irritability, depression, or memory loss. There could be several physical ramifications caused by sleep deprivation, as well. Some people have suffered weight gain, a decreased sex drive, and changes to the skin like dark circles under the eyes. I have no time to Complete my all works what can i do 😩😞

  7. Thanks guys for including the Tom Bilyeu part bc getting enough sleep is just so important and I feel that in self improvement we don't talk abt that so often to the point we literally shame "sleeping" over "overworking" …

  8. Walking up 4 am isn't a thing for everyone obviously, don't be stupid and working your ass off till late and then want to wake up at 4 am. Also it's nit something that will change your life, it's not that 4 am people sleep less , is juts they find themselves more productive at this time period. I have tried all sleep schedules literally due to my work. Sleep a decent amount of time consistently is what matters, and find ways to being productive no matter the time that you woke up.

  9. Incredible person reading this, you have everything there is to succeed in life, whatever that is for you. Go after the life you truly want NOW! ✨
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️