“USE THESE 4 SECRETS To Tackle Goals Like A NAVY SEAL!” | Goalcast

“USE THESE 4 SECRETS To Tackle Goals Like A NAVY SEAL!” | Goalcast

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✪ These 4 inspiring speeches from NAVY SEALs will motivate you to conquer any goal or overcome obstacle in your way.

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  1. 🤔🤔 The Lord Jesus suffered and dies on a heavy wooden cross to save us from our sins. He shed His blood. The blood of Jesus Christ is what has allows us to learn how to have:
    * Mercy
    * Goodness
    * Growth
    * Kindness
    * Trust
    * Faith
    * Helpfulness
    * Mercy
    * Fun
    * Joy
    * Peac

  2. Navy SEALs are America's most lethal Shadow Warriors fearless patriots silent professional Men with Green faces defending America against all enemies of freedom everywhere by any means necessary to protect freedom and win the war

  3. I wanted to be a Navy SEAL since I was 7. Now, 10 years are gone, and I still want to complete my dream, even knowing that I won't be able, as I am a Romanian citizen who lives in Spain. So, to everyone who wants to be a SEAL too, be strong and don't quit. You've got this.

  4. People pursue winning for a prize. What is the prize for enduring so much hardship and won to become a SEAL? Are there many top500 enterprise CEO who were SEAL? I would never choose to become a SEAL simply because the gain is not worth the effort.

  5. I'm a survivor torture for that evils
    of Hitler who come from Argentina .
    He was alive .He died of 102 years olds at Susua Alta Hill, Puerto Rico.I was a missing Child of USA but I survive , I never surrender to evils forces.. My ABBA Hashem is in
    my ❤ heart.

  6. Admiral William was Mcraven he if you don't do small things right you never to do the bigger thing right, it's great advise it's true enough some people they had a great experiences some if supervisor not round they never ever to do the righting get done job properly thank you very much everyone for sharing

  7. No they make plenty of Ziploc bags out of them after a good day of Fishing for seals!! Along seals for refrigerator doors house and car window seals toilet bowl seals all kinds of different seals !!!