UNSHAKEABLE – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation – Listen Every Day! MORNING MOTIVATION

UNSHAKEABLE – Best Motivational Video Speeches Compilation – Listen Every Day! MORNING MOTIVATION

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  1. This video was made in collaboration with SpiritualHub. They are a new channel we started where you'll discover the greatest spiritual and Christian motivational speeches and transformational ideas that will feed your mind, body and spirit, and offer key insights into living your best life. Please check out their YouTube channel for more inspirational content like this: https://bit.ly/SpiritualHubMotivation

  2. There is ground base reality to consider as well. Not every strategy is a good one. I've heard many times–"if you believe enough you will be successful." That is not accurate. Like running to LA to become that actor with no backup plan. Luck is a huge factor in that fair or not, that is a reality. The idea that self belief is what makes the success driven successful is only a small part of the equation. The guru will tell you the universe aligns with you with self belief. Not true. Self belief + plan of action that is researched + massive effort—-that is what makes success and sometimes ill luck causes failure as well. Most of the gurus, great or small say the same thing I tell my own subscribers–you have to plan well and engage in effort and constantly re-evaluate what is working and what isn't. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles

  3. At 24 my church asked me to leave because I had the pastor's wife's brother arrested felt like God left me , literally stopped praying and reading my Bible for years still trying to trust the Christian community again . Grew up in a strong Christian home , I know God has not abandoned me I have walked deep in the valley of death remember when I went through that my dad would read Psalms 23 and pray with me. since my dad passed I feel lost sometimes but I know God with me . Not in a good situation again asking God to break all the toxic traits I've developed one by one . But what I can say through it all is God is faithful. He may not take away every problem or pain but he will walk with you through it all
    In every situation good and bad PRAY he hears you he may not answer right when you want or rescue you but I'd there

  4. Live each day as if it's your last. Love unconditionally, do what makes you happy and don't look back. And each day you wake up be grateful you get another chance to do it again. Your loved more than you know!