Uncovering the Surprising Key to Business Success

Uncovering the Surprising Key to Business Success

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  1. intuition for sale.
    It's worth a spoon full
    Genius Genie seconds

    your imagination creation strengthens the intuition radar.
    collecting the seconds of time with no distractions. just say magic wishes be the reality.

    My thoughts about the path to 
     genius genie Intuition radar.
    Or that gut feeling. 

     Intuition is an emotional tool in communication with your nervous system. 
    The nervous system responds to all vibration frequencies. 
    Intuition is a positive and negative energy.
    Genius Genie intuition radar.

    That feeling of knowing but not knowing the why. Gut feeling. 

    spider webbing the imagination overthinking.
    down the path of roots to the tree of life from within. silence collecting seconds within

    intuition reminds of the roots to the tree of life.
    Roll playing multiple options into endless opportunities.

    we all have the same emotional system. giving us all the frequency energy. awareness be the vibration dial control.

    How to upgrade intuition to explanation
    You get a feeling you do not understand
    You sit with thoughts and emotions.
    Then thoughts ask emotions what are you feeling
    Is it fear or happy based emotions

    Once the frequency is determined.
    You then play imagination overthinking
    With ideas that lead into possibilities
    Of outcome. 
    Playing with causes and effects

    You can watch Body movement.
    Subconscious habits.
    Voice tone.
    Words being used. 
    The movement of the surroundings.
    You use awareness to observe everything. 

    You create a spider web from roll playing multiple options and scenarios.
    You can ask a person a question.
    Get an answer.

    And you naturally come up with a process of agreeing or disagreeing 
    I believe that is the process of intuition.

    Allowing yourself to know what you need to know before you knew you needed to know. 
    Turning gut feeling with plausible answers. 

    Intuition is assumption judgment calls
    Pick all your best guesses and choose one.

    I use my intuition to read people
    For instance.
    Employees are comfortable around the boss or other coworkers.
    Interaction reaction to cause and effect.

    Genius Genie intuition radar.
    Upgrades awareness on multiple perspectives.
    Intuition preparation
    New comes with imagination collection plate.
    Put your seconds of time in
    Receive rewards from the subconscious.

    the communication between
     the response
    Is it in confidence or is there any self-doubt. 
    Which emotion is in operation. 

    A Intuition test the knowledge
    And patience.
    will explain
    With many descriptions of the path. 

    asks the question. 
    The way the response is.

    Intuition makes you forget you in a conversation.
    Because each word you hear is magic imagination overthinking

    Intuition can also be used to show you 
    The level of the inner work they have done on their own emotions. 

    the easiest way to learn intuition is to study your past 
    And play 
    What happens if I change this response to this response then following the path of imagination creation. 

    What would the outcome be if I were to do this.
    and not this. 
    Where does that lead me. 

    To travel with imagination creates the spider web effect or like the family tree branch. 
    One turns into two 
    Two turns into four 
    Four turns into eight
    And so on 

    Doing this in imagination
    It becomes very difficult to continue the story line.
    The growth of options becomes harder to see all the paths 

    But the more you do it 
    The greater the creativity becomes.
    You can get serious and start maping 
    The possibilities outcomes. 
    Intuition be the teacher to your imagination the map to your destiny.
    They say imagine from your mind's eye.

    genius genie mindset tools
    To play with cause and effect
    Manifestation genius genie habit creating machine. 
    With that intuition radar
    Guiding you straight to your Greatness
    Any obstacles in your way 
    No big deal.
    because you have created a spider web of choices.

    Plus you can vibration frequency jump.
    To go around a situation where you know your skills are not that great to defeat that challenge

    Or gives you multiple options to defeat that challenge.

    train the thoughts to make the emotions blush.
    repetition the seconds to the subconscious hearts playground of your creation from manifesting tools.
    All as one working effortlessly together
    Subconsciously in love within

    Intuition you just know you feel something but don't know what it is.
    Makes your gut trigger fireworks of emotion.
    Mr in a pill disguises duck duck goose
    Comes in plowing tornados of confusion

    Spray the
    Trauma drama talk lives
    Duck the LackLack LackLack mindset installer
    And the goose delusional tornados board game.

    Highly recommend for children.

    Genius Genie super charged gratitude.
    Positive compliments to strangers and self genuinely with Value that comes from authenticity.
    Collect the seconds of time
    So momentum can spray the flow evenly from the subconscious.

    Comes with a guarantee
    If you're not satisfied then you didn't
    Collect the seconds of time
    with no distractions.

    Custom thoughts make emotions blush pretty colors getting the attention of the heart. Heart spins momentum with repetition. Subconscious awareness
    Just planted that seed in the subconscious.

    Imagination overthinking
    Intuition radar
    Your mind's eye
    Your energy vibration
    Your subconscious program
    The universe within