UFC Champion Frank Shamrock Was Hiding A Humiliating Secret | Goalcast

UFC Champion Frank Shamrock Was Hiding A Humiliating Secret | Goalcast

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  1. Wow. What an amazing life story. I did not know they were brothers. I’m going to search for a bit on Kens life as well. This video sure helped me understand the man. Incredible to see where he’s at, at present. and I’d like to congratulate him on the Baas fight. That was one of those defining life moments. That one was huge. I’ve found the respect for Frank

  2. Adults who verbally and physically abuse children are pathetic human beings. So sad to see how kids grow up with so many emotional struggles. In a weird way it makes them stronger, but the emotional scars are never erased.

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  4. 8:27 how is that not abuse? I think if I were in Frank’s shoes and I had someone who was supposed to be my “mentor” give me brain damage that would be like re living childhood trauma

  5. Frank Shamrock is considered the first true mixed martial artist he traveled the world training in different combat sports and became the first true mixed martial artist. Frank changed the game in mma history. In his time frank was probably the best fighter. Remember the sport keeps changing look at the beginning fighter's and today's fighter's. So yes frank is one of the greatest fighter's ever

  6. This isn’t humiliating this is heartbreaking. We gotta stop this idea that your not a man if you open up about your struggles. That takes real courage

  7. this Man is my hero 🙂 i start MMA, body training today coack MMA? after see him, after him they are GSP ; Marco Ruas, Frank shamrock, bas rutten, GSP was the first complete fighter in MMA ! a true warrioRR spirit !!! at this moment MMA is not a sport, is a warrior arena !!!

  8. Frank Shamrock your a living Legend, I watched UFC from day 1 and when you came on the scene I knew you was someone special and tough has nails, your a inspiration with what you came from. #Real men tell there tough story and cry, that's a Real man. Big respect to you Frank.