TOP 5 EPIC MILITARY SPEECHES | “Make Your Bed” and MORE! Train Your Mind Like The Military-Goalcast

TOP 5 EPIC MILITARY SPEECHES | “Make Your Bed” and MORE! Train Your Mind Like The Military-Goalcast

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  1. Passed my training in the navy! It is all mindset people! A year ago i was partying every weekend and didn’t know what to do with my life, and now i’m in the navy, like how? Thanks david✌🏽

  2. I personally like everybody. But i think the first and last one got me more.

    I'm just speechless..i don't know what to say. Amazing, powerful people.

  3. We achieve our greatness through our greatness I love ya all for ur service and ur sacrifice I tried for the marines but one dislocation got me out so IM an average joe

  4. 5:52 I was born in Vietnam, this clip should not include … because your trained military young boys … 18, 19, 20, some older, some younger … but you killed so many innocent babies, girls, women … not trained, you've never heard about. You tagged them as enemies, … how is that? What did those innocents do? Including me, my unknown village bombarded then poisoned. When I listen to war lords talking about love this way, it's the most scary thing to comprehend.

  5. First step to a successful life, in the military or in any other career. DESTROY your idea of what you CAN or CANNOT do. Start from zero and push your way up, push and push until you physically and mentally can’t anymore, that’s your new limit. Now that you know where it is, push harder the next day. And then harder the day after. For everything that you do. Don’t decide if you can or can’t or how far you can go. And no matter what you do, GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. At the end of the day if you fail you can look back and say, with 100% certainty, I can’t do that. But I know what I need to work on now. But if you give it half effort, if you “try” then at the end of the day you will always have a lingering regret in the back of your mind of how much you still had left to give. “I could have gone a little further” “if I had just pushed a little more I could have made it”

    So start everything you do from the ground up, even if it’s something you have done your entire life. That way no matter what it is you will know 100% what you can and can’t do. And will have no regrets to speak of.

  6. I'm currently a 19 year old teenager whether or not I have bad horrible day. I at least know I made my bed and the shark saying "stand your ground." I stand my ground every day with it being some skinny kid I never thought I'd think of joining the US Navy I still am trying to get a Rating. I have done the ASVAB & Physical but I still need to choose my Rating and ship date. All I've ever wanted was to join the military since I was 12 it's been year's now since my 7th grade of middle school fast-forward now as a college student it's not working for me but my major helps me see the good in it. Never in my life have I thought about these speeches how they change a young man's or women's lives it only takes a life changing decision or a certain someone/mentor. With risk's comes opportunities, challenge's, and/or life changing event's. So go forth love your life don't let your decisions or people let you down to change your career whether it's being in law enforcement, medical nurse/doctor, or in military whatever career you are leaning towards have faith in yourself you'll make it… DON'T give up STRIVE FORWARD TO THE TOP!🤝🏻💯