Top 10 – Most Epic Motivational Speeches

Top 10 – Most Epic Motivational Speeches

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Here is Goalcast’s collection of the top motivational speeches to get you pumped.
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Which One Is Your Favorite?

00:07 – Will Smith (
01:57 – Tom Brady (
03:09 – Eric Thomas (
05:09 – Christopher Walken (
06:35- Tony Robbins (
07:40 – Arnold Schwarzenegger (
09:00 – Les Brown (
10:25 – Serena Williams (
11:55 – CT Fletcher (
13:45 – Sylvester Stallone (

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  1. When you turn twenty your at the tail end, so many things in life start
    to fade away, you might see your friend for the last time, if you don’t do something today that you can do today you might not have the chance to do it tomorrow, every ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ piles up and you might never get to do something and you’ll regret it, while this is all true you must remember that life is a gift and it is precious, this has become painfully obvious for billions of people during coronavirus, just those small things like vacations, going out to eat, inviting a friend over for dinner, we all suddenly started to realise that what we have is not a privilege, it’s lucky that we have what we have, the only things humans have a privilege to, is happiness.

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