Tony Robbins: Thank you for your support #TruthIsPower

Tony Robbins: Thank you for your support #TruthIsPower

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  1. Well, I consider myself a fan and just to show you how important this must be, today is the first day I'm hearing about it, so let's just keep it moving. Nothing to see here….

  2. you created a salacious concept and formulation in the idea that victimhood is an addiction to significance. In essence, you claimed so explicitly that victimhood is a sicknes identity – an addiction for significance. In my view, this is such a wrongheaded way to think. Such a fundamental error. Ultimately this promotes truncation of experience, engineers a partial truth and certainly discourages unconcealment of victimisation.

  3. Tony Robbins said he is humbled by all of the ppl that stick up for him. I like Tony , however at a 4 million dollars a pop just to speak to him face to face , as he charged for a conversation he had with a follower. he should feel very blessed. I think Tony should rethink his fees. God gave him a gift he should be ashamed to charge so much money .

  4. Dear Tony, I have just recently started listing to you and purchased some books that you have written i am looking forward to learning from you. Have a great night

  5. Certainly talks around a lot, with a pinch of martyrdom (lost half of his blood supply yet committed to helping). Tony hits the father archetype strongly and it can be that helpful nudge at times but there are so many unadressed issues with his work …

  6. I’m confused by people who think they know which side of this story is the lie. You don’t know. You can’t know. You have the right to believe Robbins, but remember, that is a choice, not facts. You also have the right to believe the nine women who have accused him, and that is also a choice.

  7. Having read the article – – I feel that what went down was very much along the lines of what Jimmy Saville did ie putting himself forward as a super-likeable person … and surrounding himself with ass-wipes willing to turn a blind-eye to the fact that their golden goose was grooming impressionable and vulnerable children, and having his way with whomever he chose.

    In any case, even though many others have also made allegations against Tony Robbins for sexual assault … I suspect that his vast wealth will protect him well, and that sheeple will continue to turn a blind-eye to such types and throw their money at such types because the 'gurus' purport to have answers that will transform inept, weak-minded, lost souls into … winners.

  8. Constantly looking to the right which can be an indication of not being entirely truthful. His body language is different to his baseline. Hard to judge. I think most people hope the accusations aren't true.