Tony Robbins: One Weekend Can Change Everything

Tony Robbins: One Weekend Can Change Everything

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Unleash the Power Within is the ultimate personal development seminar from Tony Robbins. Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your relationship or enhance your finances, UPW enables you to:

— Break through the fears that hold you back (including subconscious ones)
— Create momentum in your life to make difficult things effortless
— Develop the physical vitality and energy you need to follow through

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  1. How to be more happy: accept the things you can´t change and live with it. Those things that are in your control to change, change if need be (stoicism). Why do people make things so complicated? Do you really need to pay a lot of money to learn something so basic and simple?

  2. Pt. 3
    Even those who are already tremendously successful, because they are Coachable. You are not. So, for you, it WOULD BE a waste of money. You'd get nothing out of it. You're too closed. As longs as you're that way, you will be "right" in your own world, because you can't teach one who is not a willing student.

  3. Pt. 1
    In your question, the key word is "need". Why do people "need" to pay a lot of money…
    Well, I don't think anyone does. And I think it's arrogant to assume that they are doing this because they believe they need to.
    This is a choice. And a damned good one.

  4. I agree, you can´t teach someone who is unwilling to be a student. I study everyday. I study Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius and philosophers of that sort. They tend to give me the same philosophy Tony Robbins is teaching, but free of charge (public domain). I don´t mind being coached, it is more a matter of who coaches me and why I see a need to be coached by that particular person. According to me the best coaches are the once that are already dead and gone (see above).

  5. One such man is Mahatma Ghandi. Dead, legend, great thoughts on self-control. Who is better able to teach me the art of self-control and compassion than Mahatma himself? Besides you can read his autobiography free of charge at the local library. Sure, you can read Tony´s books free of charge at the local library too. The difference is Mahatma lived his preaching and didn´t even charge others money to see it happen. Unfortunately Tony does. Good for him, bad for me. I choose the free alternative.

  6. Hi Tony. Why don't millionaires (and especially billionaires) simply pay for some of the mortgages of lower middle class families? Wouldn't that give them a chance to breathe and live a better life? I mean, lets say that i had a billion dollars. I had a great house, a great car, a great life and Total security. Why would i continue to go out and make 10 billion dollars more instead of giving it away to those in need?
    I mean, i'll never spend the money. Not in two lifetimes. know what imean

  7. Because those same people that are in financial difficulty will be needing that mortgage money even after you have just paid this months payment for them. Give a man a fish and he has dinner today, teach a man to fish and he has food for not only himself but all of those he needs to feed and he can teach them to fish as well.

  8. To those of you that wonder where the money goes, look at the Anthony robbins Foundation page and all it good works. If you have a rich man with an open heart he can accomplish much more with the millions he makes. It is good to read your library books and no they are not free, we all pay for them as citizens of your community. I say, think bigger and come out of your box. Be open to more than the past and long dead philosophers. You are missing a world filled with possibilities, take care

  9. No i mean pay off their entire mortgage. Wouldn't that give people a chance to breathe?
    Also, what about converting abandoned buildings into greenhouses for fresh organic fruits and vegetables and then offering that food to people for a very low price. That would free them even further am i right?
    I just want to create a world where you can pursue your dreams and goals and not have your back to the wall every time. Just fighting to stay afloat.

  10. I really think you should look at his website of his foundation and look at all of the good works he does do. Paying peoples mortgages is a nice thought but honestly an ongoing foundation that supports youth education and mentoring, prisoners, the elderly, the basket Brigade that helped feed close to 3 million people last Christmas and it goes on and on. Why don't you make it a plan of yours to create those things you mentioned and make the world a better place. tony came from nothing. Take care

  11. Most millionaires and billionaires do give back to the community. Look them up, even giving billions away. You can't give to people if you dont have anything. The truth of the matter is, people can only help themselves first. By believing in ourselves 1st, we can then help other people in many ways, which will fulfill our own lives. There are people that wont help people, but those are the heartless. Remember, its OKAY where you are at right now, but everyday commit to improving personally.

  12. Well the HOW is different for everyone. You are only one person, to do the most great things, you will need a team. I know Tony Robbins started with giving away food on holidays. He started with 2 meals a year, then 4, 8, then soon he had to get people on board with his vision, and now helps 1000s in need by giving away food. He started with what he could afford. It may just be giving a bag of potatoes to your neighbor. It's those moments that fulfill us. But we can't make everyone happy at once

  13. it's why i carry a bag of food in the trunk of my car. Whenever i see a homeless person with a sign i stop and hand it to him. and everytime i can i try to get another bag. easy open canned stew, cookies, chips, juice, apples. anything that can be opened and eaten fast with little to no mess.
    Who knows, maybe people will read this and do the same thing too. And in a way, we'd have both made a cool difference to save the world one heart and mind at a time.