Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese – MasteryTV –

Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese – MasteryTV –

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In this interview, Tony meets with two very successful students, Frank Kern and John Reese. Both of them are self-made multi-millionaires who made their fortunes by selling products on the Internet. What’s particularly interesting about both of them is that neither had any “real” education. Neither one finished college and they both went from being broke to becoming wealthy.

And they still continue to thrive in today’s economy. So the purpose of this interview is to uncover the traits that successful people have in common. Specifically, the traits that cause them to take massive action and follow through. As you’ll see, the solution is really quite simple and available to us all.

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  1. TR is encouraging as usual – Thank you – – – I need to continue to encourage my daughter back into her life of success that she led before she was disabled.

  2. This was posted 9 years ago but it’s timeless true facts. You Believe You Receive !! Plain and simple the power of the mind is limitless. Thank you I and many others needed this !

  3. I feel like I am in Groundhog Day. I want to further my position in life so much for both myself and my daughter but I feel like I’m never able to get out of the hamster wheel that is getting my daughter ready for school, going to work, coming home cooking dinner, cleaning, taking my daughter to an EC and then passing out just to do it the next day. Then weekends are taken up by bigger cleaning jobs/errands or some type of family/friend activity. It feels like I never have the time to focus on myself to better myself. I know it would benefit my daughter and I but then I feel guilty when I don’t spend time with her (I had her while in college and was very busy and already feel like I missed out a lot in her life). I just hate that I feel I don’t ever have enough time or energy to do what I need to do to have a more fulfilling life

  4. I just found this video.

    For some reason five weeks ago I decided to start walking in a local park. The first time was brutal, scary and humbling. I stumbled and weaved back and forth terrified I'd have a heart attack as I saw the immense tracks across the fields watching people half my age walking, jogging and running.

    Today a mile is no big deal and have had days where I can go close to two miles.

  5. My mentor sent me the link to this video. I have also been one of those that blame the product instead of myself. Thank you Tony for this video. It makes things so clear. Fear HAS been my downfall over the years with different products. However, I have found my "certainty

  6. This is a modern interpretation or physical demonstration of Neville Goddard’s work in his book “Feeling is the Secret”

  7. Great video..I first learn about Tony the last Seminar he held in West Palm Beach Fl at the Convention Center.I was a Uber driver and dropped off a passenger.The Seminar went on till the wee morning cause I picked up that same passenger.

  8. Thank you, Tony, this was truly outstanding. I read your books in the mid-90s and wrote down and visualized the things I wanted in my life, as per your instructions, and basically I got them, including the most beautiful friend I could ever have imagined, who is still my friend. I only regret drifting away from your stuff and not studying and applying more of it in the intervening years, but this video has made me determined to start to work on it again, every day. You really did make a difference in my life at a time when I needed it. Thank you again.

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