Tony Robbins | Find Your True Gift: The 3 Gifts

Tony Robbins | Find Your True Gift: The 3 Gifts

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We often go after the biggest rewards thinking we will gain the most freedom, but that’s not always the case: succeeding in business can take up even more of your freedom! Which of your gifts lets you have the most fulfillment—when you’re the talent, the manager/leader or the entrepreneur?

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Tony Robbins is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and dynamic presentation of Mr. Robbins’ corporate and personal development events. As the nation’s #1 life and business strategist, he¹s called upon to consult and coach some of the world¹s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.

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  1. I don't know which one would be most fulfilling to me. I've had too few opportunities to manage or be an entrepreneur… and I dunno what to consider a talent because I'm a perfectionist and never think any of my "talents" are good enough.

  2. Here's a coach in the making, so be patient and take what I say with a grain of salt. Go to coaching is something I would swear by. Coaching is all about you. Failing that, make some me time and write down all the things you love and what makes you happy. Talk about it with people. That should be a good start!