TONY ROBBINS: “Every Millennial Needs To Hear This”

TONY ROBBINS: “Every Millennial Needs To Hear This”

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A Messsage for the Millennial Generation

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  2. Each generation is responsible for the next generation, to hand over a viable world for them to take over. Our parents did it for us in WWII, it is now our turn. But wait what are we turning over ??? We have done a crappy job, but we do have one more decade to get it right. Will we ??? What will they say about us in 2075 ???

  3. Tony is buggin out on this one this Mill Generation Are the start of these damn Cry baby sissies everyone is equal give blacks awards just because they are black let mexicans continue to jump the wall without papers and use up all of our resourses Etc.

  4. Corona hits u in this generation.. this could become a example.. for the future generations..but.. still we need to ignore.. and pave out our path.. and ways.. because these are the hurdles or just big excuses… unless
    your except as your "FAILURE" and success is very… easy.. unless you lose that "DETERMINATION"

  5. I disagree! Millennials (as a whole) haven't gone thru any traumatic changes! They seem lost and lazy. I work with a few young people, they never work very long. They just simply can't hang in this world. It is really sad!

  6. of course they will….it's EVOLUTION!wow man…they do need to hear this,thanks.please explain where the "hippies" went?did they all O.D.?,go crazy?,get sick?

  7. Hey you, stop watching motivation
    videos (free advise) These motivations only lasts for a day or even less then the next day you will be frustrated and have zero motivation

  8. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray You keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy & financially blessed them Lord . And when they take a step further to follow my channel, grant them their utmost desires in Jesus Name Amen??