Tom Bilyeu – Stop Living With Regret

Tom Bilyeu – Stop Living With Regret

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  1. No matter if you changed or you will change after watching this video …! , the important thing is this word (…."CONTINUES" ….) And believe me LOSERS = SUCCESSFUL

    1-Get up at 4am (Do Not Waste your daily time)

    2- Think >Analyse >Identify>Find solutions »» PLAN It ! what's next ? U K , IDK

    3- PUSH yourself to your fears


    5- REMEMBER That only first three days are the hardest and take the rest in piece.

    6- Do Not Dare To Jump from ZERO directly To HERO ( easiest and fastest way to reach number 10 is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,#10 )

    7- Minute by Minute , Hour by Hour , Day by Day , Step by Step ……

    *My successful experience to Change

  2. Hi guys,

    I love your Youtube Channel. I would like to share my dream with you.

    My dream is to bring water to everyone on this planet. I'm now working hard to become one of the best motivationnal speakers because I love helping people when it's time to overcome personnal difficulties. And i'm geeting good in that way. Then, the idea is to make conferences and attract right people who have the skills to create new ways to bring water to everyone, or improve old ways.

    I'm not very good in English, but I hope it was readable.

    Wish you all the best,

    Greetings from France.

  3. Actually…God is the only one who has helped me in life. I was gonna give up on my singing forever, but God stepped in and helped me. Only HE has the power!

  4. i used to think that the EXCUSE video is the most motivating, but this one has matched that video in terms of motivation. if this video cannot motivate or inspire a person to work for their goals then no video can do that, this is the ultimate video for people .the wording and the background music is just awesome and gives me goosebumps every time i listen this video, keep up the good work and may god bless the team behind this channel and may god help the people to find their purpose of life . thanks once again .

  5. for every next hour of the day, the time is … Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now…. Now

  6. We do what is matter to us , it is your own opinion that matters to you , not your friends on face book and not your buddies from high school , it is all about you you know who you are and you know who you are not , no one owes any one anything it is you that owe it to your self , once you conquer your inner world the rest is piece of cake .

  7. I’m truly Lost and powerless I have much I’d like to do but no Will and absolutely no motivation I’m extremely depressed I have a therapist and a psychiatrist I’m on medicines I was taking opioids and morphine prescribed and taking accordingly And that crap really messed me up for years and years that was around the time I hurt my back at work and I can’t do nothing for 10 minutes well excruciating pain and my family situation is way out of control it’s I tried just to do it I’m better than this but I always fall back into complete laziness which it really isn’t it’s depression i’ve been suicidal all my life I’ve been in the psych ward A number of times for anger attempted suicide three times back in the past i was in drug rehab for self-medicating myself alcoholism pill Poppin and I think I have a handle on that side of my problems but my motivation is truly shot I keep trying to push myself I just end up back in bed trying to sleep I’m not looking for help just these problems are mine by just talking about it or writing I am a very open and caring person a lot of times when I’m talking to people they don’t even know how I feel like this , even when I tell them they just don’t understand sorry about my problems invading spaces just venting For those of you read this thanks for the time and hopefully you have the motivation not to end up in this situation I am in.
    Just a Unmotivated ,
    Depressed and lazy
    Person just looking to help myself to get out of this mold stuck in good luck to all peace and love