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You have something special, you have GREATNESS in you.

I hope you liked this video, and if you are looking for more motivational content, then I want to invite you to join my free 30-day motivational challenge on my website at

The other thing I want to let you know is that I am looking for people that have a positive message to tell the world. If you want to be a public speaker like me, then I have a course that’ll teach you how to speak with power and passion and ultimately… SPEAK FOR A LIVING.

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Thanks again for watching!

Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy

Want To Go Deeper? Here Are Some Great Resources To Help You On Your Journey:
You’ve Got To Be HUNGRY: The GREATNESS Within to Win –
The Power of Purpose: How to Create the Life You Always Wanted –

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  1. Thank you Mr. Brown You help to bring a ray of sun light to each morning I greatly appreciate your daily empowerment. It is so needed. Thank you ☀️☀️☀️ ☀️☀️☀️

  2. Good morning Les Brown! You're absolutely AMAZING! I just turned 52, and sometimes feel completely lost. Your videos, messages etc are helping me alot. BTW, I too wake up religiously at 3:30am! 🤔

  3. Thank you sir. Hearing you talk is everything. It gives me positive in myself! You gave me a positive attitude and to have a great smile on myself too!

  4. Honour your elders and pursuit your dreams are made of gold your ancestors built pyramids , your ancestors were close to making us immortal …wear that on your sleeve and hustle …one love

  5. Les … hilarious … however lived in Miami where I encountered many massive flying roaches don't know how you missed them! And yes they are here in ATL living large! As for the bees those are likely carpenter bees and they are not only big, they will chomp on your home. Seriously … go to Etsy to purchase a trap to catch them.

  6. Good evening, sir! I'm so glad to hear your voice again; your "It's Not Over Until I Win" speech years ago was a powerful, positive influence in my life at some of the darkest hours. Your wisdom and your heart have been great influences to me even since. At 52, I went back to college, and I am now closing in on my Master's. I am student teaching, and just this morning, I referred a student to that same "It's not over until I win…" message when he told me, "There's no way I can do that." Thank you for years of encouragement in my life, and for the impact your words and your heart will have on future generations!

  7. I give glory to God for being alive to experience you in present time. I've seen them in Louisiana, but never knew there are flying roaches there too! Thank you for the early extra laughter! Congrats on finding your birth mother, grandmother, and father! That's tremendous. Yes, when we are receptive, God uses others to help us become who we'd never be without them. We all need someone sharp to sharpen us.🖤

  8. Mr. Les Brown down through the years, you have kept a smile on my face. 😊 You are so encouraging. May God bless you on your new journey of life. Training the next generations is so important and that you are doing. God bless.🥰🥰🙏🏼🙏🏼

  9. Thank you Sir, Mr. Les Brown, I love you and treasure your life. Godshine on you and mighty splendor on your porch. Radiant wishes for your friend Tyrone too.

  10. Miss u i remember u doing a mlm event in 2009 in anaheim..i was there. Never did mlm but u were the first inspirational speaker ive ever heard and i was hooked. Thanks. I just applied ur message to the rest of my life. I was handicapped in life and still did decent. Lol

  11. I love you Les Brown. You have seriously changed my life over the past 8 years. My journey is a life journey and I was only able to recognise that with you as the wind behind me! I have since evolved and moved onto bigger things but I am forever grateful 🙏

  12. Les I love you man! Not the gay kind of love, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you’ve made a huge impact in my life! I would love to email a letter to you or send it by USPS, I’m hoping that I can find a legit email address or PO Box I can send it to, because I’ve GOT to explain to you how different my life is today as a direct result of listening to you and of course the relationship I have with God. I hate to say this but for some reason I didn’t think you were with us anymore!! SO glad you are. ✊🏼🙏🏼

  13. 👋🏽Les. Flies hate white vinegar! You can put some white vinegar on a sponge and leave it around near them. Try spraying down your outdoor furniture and deck with it also.