“To This Day” … for the bullied and beautiful | Shane Koyczan

“To This Day” … for the bullied and beautiful | Shane Koyczan

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  1. I often wonder what creates this ruthless bullying? I look back now and realize what sick families/ backgrounds these children came from. No excuse, but I try to forgive them as they learned this horrid behavior somewhere from someone. .

  2. I wasn't bullied by other people per say, but by myself. I delt with (and still do, but I'm getting better) self hatred a lot, so this poem does bring me to tears.

    For once, its nice to hear I was wrong about myself.

  3. This poem was amazing, rings true in many ways. Sitting here, tears, memories which only fade. Fear of going to school everyday, hated by everyone, beat and called names by those who but a year ago was your friend. To go home to a family that did the same, beat more physically and emotionally by the ones who should have had your end. Tears arrive but they will subside. As with all things, this too shall pass but some things never trully die. So you made it, as did I, but still alone here, I will cry.

  4. This poem changed the course of my life. Thank you for putting into beautiful words what I felt during those dark days, and then giving me the hope to carry on.

  5. The ruling classes want people to believe that words can hurt you so that they can use words to punish you if you get out of line. BUT, words don't hurt people, it is people's reactions to words that cause injury. We have all been programmed to have painful reactions to words so that others can hurt us, and punish us if we get out of line. We can take back our power IF we choose to learn how to relax and not react to what people say.

  6. I remember being on Middle school and being bullied, I remember All of our generation watched this, I clearly remember them being like "No Bullying is bad" "Yeah, we don't do something that bad" and then a few minutes later continued go make fun of me, and bullied continued.

    I think that the fact that I was the only one that cried and care should have said something about them

  7. I’m 23 and I’ve listened to this video at different parts of my life and I find that different parts of the video has become more and more relatable as I get older. Thank you

  8. I remember this very poem getting me through my freshman year, and ironically enough I’m using it again to get me through my first year out of highschool. I tight rope is exactly what I walk every night trying to convince myself it’s not as bad as I think. Why does my mind Insist on playing the victim and thinking everyone is against me when all I want is to be loved at heart. I am, I truly am, but when you go to war whenever you’re alone with your thoughts, you questions whether or not you deserve any of what you have.

  9. I can relate: I was being bullied because my autistic ability. It was so bad that I almost killed myself. I was crying, hyperventilating, and was having panic attacks. People spread rumors about me, calling me names, and was even involved in fights