Tips to Live in the Present Moment | Eckhart Tolle

Tips to Live in the Present Moment | Eckhart Tolle

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It seems very difficult to learn how to focus your attention in the present moment throughout your daily life. Eckhart shares how we can stop creating internal stress and achieve this goal.

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  1. What have you given your full attention today? Were you able to bring conscious effort to a task, interaction, or experience? If so, were you also able to turn that experience into a concentrated Presence practice?

  2. My moment is sitting in an empty house, shortly after the death of my wife of 62 years. I dont like my moment. All my past moments and everything around me are her.. My relatives are 2000 miles away..

  3. The inner present moment with the eyes closed is the ancient practice of Meditation-Separation which is the practice of putting the body and mind to sleep but staying AWAKE and ALERT inside and separate from the body and mind until you remember and EXPERIENCE yourself as Eternal Spirit again.
    If you remain in this original and natural State after Meditation it is known as Self Realization by Yogananda, the Tao, Cosmic Consciousness, Born again -Jesus, Garden of Eden, Prodigal Son, Leaving the body but not dying by Socrates Ramana Maharishi and Krishnamurti .Virtue by Socrates and the Stoic Saints Satori.The Holy Grail to Eternal Life (not a real cup a literary image). Heaven within Luke 17 21, Awake as Eternal Spirit again-Buddha… all the same. Good luck and love ?❤️✌️

  4. BUT where is Here ???? Do you not understand, that "LIFE The Real Self" is Non-Dimensional, and in NO WAY represents, nor even remotely Looks anything like any species, including the human species ??? Your Universe and human entity, is just a 'STORY', displayed as a 'Holographic Simulation', in a very small Display Register, of "The Processing System of LIFE" !

  5. ????to E. Tolle ?Can someone Help me?I like to get rid of Coffee drinking, and I don’t like the tetra pack’s from rice milk, they have ALUMINIUM in them. Is There Some drye Coco’s Powder to make a milk?I use hanfcoffee Now and cocosmilk to gat reed off this need!

  6. I always use the “Where are my feet?”
    Mantra. Once I am aware of my feet, I look at my environment. I see white tile floors, glass window, I am wearing a red shirt, I am at my house in East Tennessee, etc.
    I will say stuff out loud too.