This Song Will Give You Instant Joy – NO MORE NEGATIVITY Song

This Song Will Give You Instant Joy – NO MORE NEGATIVITY Song

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  1. I like your video of the dancing monkey trying to get people into the grove. The song has a positive note to it about cutting out toxic people out of one's life. Your going to look for friends and relatives that really appreciate you. For the one's that are going to encourage you. Anyone that's always putting you down they certainly don't want you to succeed. Anyone that's always putting you down is already beneath you. These are people one needs to get rid off, that's if they're toxic individuals. One can move on without them because many times one needs a fresh start in life.

  2. 20 years ago 7 DUI's and 15 Bar room fights and at least a million dollars ago we would have partied and fxxked all night long. I got out with my driver's license, got shot 3 times, had a fracture scull with a brain bleed and was burned on 45% of my body. I know what rock bottom is. Sold my house to pay off medical Bill's and lawyers. Got tough love when I tried to move back in with my elderly parents. ARRESTED given a choice county jail or detox. O choose detox. Rock bottom. Medical prison with alot of things I couldn't change. Sick just wanted to get high. I had been a professional, plant manager, vocational school teacher, owned several businesses and managed 37 apartments. Now I was sleeping in a truck scraping metal to get my days poisons. One morning I was reading the news paper with my morning coffee. Efficiency apartment 400.00 furnished with air conditioning. I went had 1100.00 in my pocket. Needed 1200.00 filled out application and this 90 year old man dated my grandmother when my grandfather was passed out. He felt guilty dating a married woman that was his testimony. He gave his life to jesus, married and had four successful children. He did not take dime from me gave me food money and cable TV air conditioning just to work on his 37 buildings. He left me a house but his daughter was the executor of the will she called it elder abuse. I graciously moved out. She was 70 years old living wild on Dad's money. She passed away in 6 months. I got a design engineering job at a high voltage test equipment factory. Rented a nice house. Started back playing music with my Dad. I have lost my Dad, sister and mom it was rough but I saw a song the river and got into a bible based church made some new friends. Bought and paid for two houses, a four wheel drive truck, a Corvette, a rat rod race truck and a Cadillac. Went to work every day ate good had a girlfriend I brought up from Memphis helped her she is now a business owner and recently bought s old hotel for her store. No alcohol and no cocaine………..

  3. I felt a sting of anger and fear. I get that you want to be happy but- I feel like saying "no more negativity" is cold. Of course this is coming from an Undertale fan but negativity helps us learn what joy is. Being happy all the time has less effect if you don't know sadness.