This Song is For Everyone Willing To Take 100% Responsibility For Their Life (Who’s in the Mirror) – MasteryTV

This Song is For Everyone Willing To Take 100% Responsibility For Their Life (Who’s in the Mirror) – MasteryTV

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MUSIC composed by Patrick Rundblad, for Fearless Motivation

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  1. 22yrs ARMY 4 tours Combat and would tell my troops to look at themselves in the mirror and ask theself, " Are you the one to lead the way and live with what happens next? If not move out of the way because your in the way… Nothing Happy being alone at the top but a LONE WOLF will lead and never follow. Can you lead and look in the mirror every day and ask yourself" did you give your best? Or did you run like all the rest? " I hope you are true to oneself before you trip on yourself. Integrity is a hard thing to do and know you self. Care for yourself before you try to stand shoulder to shoulder with this old Line Wolf. No mercy here. can you stand in front of a mirror to look yourself in the eye. Ask yourself can you lead or should you step aside because they have to know you will not LEAVE THEM AS WE ARE FORSAKEN. "SFC(r)". Go find your way and see what you are made of. Does it reflect what you see in the mirror?????

  2. Got to tell you this was awesome!!! Thank You loved your truth! We do need to look at who we are and rise up to that ability that we all are gifted with God's imprint for us to rise up and be accounted for. Look in the mirror and decide on who you want to be. Love this song!!!

  3. That one part is fricking meaningful : 1:14 #Relistenning to the classics
    "You ever drown in a flood of memories ? Dragged down to the bottom on a quest to remedy your situation, feeling very out of place and your fate seems like it’s your greatest enemy but that’s a lie and you know, don’t be surprised ! Skill is built by repetition when you try when you’re down but you give your everything to rise universe will gift you an ability to fly"

  4. U people r a hope for many of us u might be getting so many blessings becoz somebody who might have died becoz of stupid reason is now fighting and winning thanks🙌❤

  5. I'm so glad I came across this channel I'm here balling my eyes out… You guys are so profound this is god's work!!!!
    Another question… What are your copy right rules I would like to make workout videos with this as my background noise. I'm 400 lbs and want to "wake up"

  6. Live the moments and make the most out of them. Today may be a worse day for you tomorrow will be a badass but after you are gone through those days your day will come to be the best version of yourself. ❤️💪

  7. Eski ton bahut tej h jiske wajah se kya bol raha h pta hi nhi chal raha h 🙏🙏 waise baht motivated krta h aapka videos thank you……

  8. Who is in the mirror …
    From now a lion who will never give up ..
    Giving up is an option for loosers not for winners …why to choose defeat when there is always an option of win ..
    Power to you guys …
    Nice song …

  9. You changed my day… Tqsm keep rocking💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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  11. Listening to this rap music is great for you but can this all musics can make you agnorrant jerk. You can listen anytime