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  1. Mr Less i hear you for about a year now I begin feeling very streess out for about 2 years now specially in the morning when I open my eyes, but I pray to God to give me the strength to do my day and HE does

  2. You sir are truly inspiring I started hearing you through law of attraction and I listen to you every morning because life is hard right now I lost my dad and I'm in a separation and your words are truly motivational thank you for all you doing. I'm going to keep listening to you until I am where I need to be and I love how you put God in it 🙏thank you!

  3. I listened to you rt now and I'm hungry ….have a story that will contribute to your speaking….have three grown up daughters and brought them up as a single parent all of them at UT University but I feel empty ….long story short… through them I feel success. . but I feel ihave more to offer …

  4. I'm laughing so hard at how you said you were so broke you would walk pass a bank and trip the alarm. The reason I'm laughing is because I can relate, I am fighting my way out of something. The bills were getting so bad I was having nightmares of walking out the front door and seeing creditors jumping out from behind the bushes saying Ha-Ha there you are😠…Them saying give me my money and me 😫 I don't have it.. Them like oh yeah well…I imagined the creditors were lined up like the people in the move Airplane, where they were talking turns beating the lady in the seat. I really felt they were coming after me. 🤣😆 I am not anywhere where near where I want to be and am certainly going. But thank God I'm not where I was. Thank you Les Brown 🥰😀

  5. Mr. Les Brown , thank you so much for your genuine, loving and kind spirit! Your messages have given me more motivation, clarity, laughter and much more! I thank your mama Ms. Mamie Brown for her sacrifices and raising such a great man! much love❤