This Is Why You SUCK At Love | Adam Roa Speech | Goalcast

This Is Why You SUCK At Love | Adam Roa Speech | Goalcast

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  1. I was crying during the entire video. This is something that resonates so much with me. It feels both sad and heartwarming to know that someone somewhere has gone through the same kind of pain and that i am understood. This is a very powerful inspiration for me.😢💕

  2. well. there is a girl that i knew for 5 years, now i hear his words and i see my self in between, tried to be the perfect one for her, though she never really care about me, i was like the last one on her list to call whenever she has no one else to meet and nothing to do. i just didn´t wanna see it, i denied it, as i have tried to deny the fact of having feelings for her, i remember when she asked me bout someone, and that someone was a person she hated the most as she said, at the end i found out that they are together. it took time till i realize that i have been blinded by love, and blaming myself for loving her, trying hard to focus on me instead, still can not see her in front of me without having a difficulties to be normal, just hearing you now makes me know that i am just like many others, that i´m not the only one who been there and stop blaming myself because of it.

  3. The problem with a lot of relationships as people think just because someone doesn’t want to be with them, that person somehow is doing something wrong that doesn’t want to be with you. Some people just don’t want to be with you just because you do need to better things about yourself. It’s not immoral when someone breaks up with you. it hurts, it sucks and it’s disappointing sometimes it is your failures are you inadequacies and pretending like you’re more virtuous because you would “swim oceans for them and they won’t even jump puddles for you” is incredibly childish. just because you like somebody Waymore than they like you they change their mind about you does it mean they are doing anything wrong or should even need to apologize.Cheating specifically is an entirely different topic. But at the same time you are responsible for the type of people you choose to be with associate with. If there were no indicators then it is her fault. But if you aren’t going after people with integrity then you shouldn’t expect anything better. But everyone’s a victim

  4. Recently i broke up with my bf ….. cuz he cheated on me….. next day of our break up he was chilling with that girl ….. but I was alone … there was no one besides me

    But after seeing this vdo …. I was reading comment box ..

    Now there are so many friends…… whose situation is same as me 💕💕

    We grow we heal 💎