This Is Why You Don't Succeed – Simon Sinek on The Millennial Generation

This Is Why You Don't Succeed – Simon Sinek on The Millennial Generation

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This Is Why You Don’t Succeed – Simon Sinek on The Millennial Generation


Interview: TOM BILYEU

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  1. I like what he’s saying a lot! But he’s not doing much by off putting the fault at another generation or to corporations. If it’s ultimately up to us to fix it then therefore it’s our responsibility and nobody else’s. But yet he’s absolutely right.

  2. We need to stop being victims! I'm Hispanic and I can say that we all have the same opportunities as the person next to us. It's up to us. The only person thst gets in our way is ourselves!

  3. Your business will make you rich but investment makes and you keep you wealthy, we all deserve to be successful and have financial freedom, I pray everyone here becomes successful

  4. I believe he's talking about GenZ, not Millenials. Born 1989, I had my first smartphone as a young adult, text messages when I was a teen, slowly typed on a T9 flapfone, used to cost 79 cents a message, so you used them wisely. Me and my peers were introduced to social media as we know it today in young adulthood. What I see in GenZ, being born in the late 90s and later, is that they grew up with this technology, they don't remember times without smartphones and social media. With them, I can see a lot of the problems that are very well described in this video. It's just not exactly Millenials' problems he's talking about, but GenZ problems.

  5. This guy is 100% right.
    I had to drop out of college because I was homeless and suicidally depressed. I wanted to study genetics…and then I learned about how my passion was being used to usher in a new era of eugenics…and more potent viruses that only affect certain ethnicities. I don't want any part of that!

    And speaking of a lack of leadership…just look at Biden!

  6. I'm Gen X 1973, and goodness knows I'm guilty of spending too much time on my phone or on facebook. My reason for staying on Facebook is that I'm connected to family and friends I have not seen in several years. (School, dad's side of the family, Air Force, etc.) But I know I can tone it down, and recently I actually have.

  7. Ive been a firm believer in this fact for nearly 3 decades now. Seeing as a teenager, how many households were parentinig millennials and watching them develop into their own unique personalities as i did as well. Having a natural curiousity towards the clinical psychology discipline, it allowed me to step outside of the system in which i was observing and view it entirely different. Nobody would listen to a 15 year old about the warnings i tried to give. You can be a wise child or a foolish adult. Having read Piagetian Theory quite in depth as a preteen and clinging to the Piagetian model for child development i was definitely able to see the inherent flaws of the parenting of my generation while it was happening. The internet was just coming about and gaining popularity and i choose to vlog and blog my thoughts on the subject. I was met with so much negative criticism that it basically discouraged me from continuing to speak my mind on it. The objections were quite derisive and i began to question my own perspective on reality for several years. I wish i had not let the stupidity of society be my intellectual obstacle. Who knows what impact my ideas and approaches would have had. Most likely little to none, but perhaps the right people would have absorbed my approach and heeded my words, causing some form of substantial impact on society. Do not allow fools to dictate your worth for you. Those who are correct, are often ridiculed by those who are offended by truth.

  8. I feel sorry for these kids .
    I was born in 1962 , and I wasn't told I am a litle prince .
    I had to listen and learn hard to achieve anything in life , no free ride .
    Our fathers and teachers did not keep their hands in their pockets if we went to far !!!!!!!
    But in our youth , if we made that degree we had a fixed job , no 1 year contract slavery !!!
    We had colleges year in year out , like a family , we had stability .
    Politics has ruined all this for the younger generations , by selling their soules to globalist elites and their goals .
    Politicians talk about the next generations , but in reality they don't give a DAMN !

  9. Millennials – my generation- didn’t get the “participation trophies – that’s generation x’s kids. They were younger than us and we joked about them being wrapped up in bubble wrap.

    Most of us became entrepreneurs, hard workers, we saw through the food industry and wanted organic, we saw thru the fiat money and slave system that is our economy and pushed for better ways to live off grid for cheaper.

    Our generation gets the most crap because our generation woke up to many of the tricks lies and evils of this world and tried to fight back. To be free of it. And we are still trying.

    We know all the news is fake, the currency is fake, the system is rigged, Republican and Democrat is two sides of the same coin, the evil elites taking over, and that we are probably at the end.

    EVERY generation has its ups and downs, it’s good it’s bad…but if you wanna know why the mainstream media gives us such crap is because a big chunk of us see through the bull shit lies and try to break off from the system any way that we can. And enjoy life as much as we can while we are still young because we didn’t buy the work for the Union ur whole life then retire and have fun and go to college and be in debt story anymore than we buy into the fact that agenda 2030 isn’t happening right now….because it is. This earth needs Yahwah to step in and save the day.

  10. I feel so lucky to be gen x. I did learn the value of hard work and relationships and have had to build skills slowly in order to earn my success. I will try to help my kids learn the same lessons. It will be hard

  11. Everything he said is true to the max. Except corporations should help you to a point, I don't believe we should blame and depend on them to make us better as a person to deal with the fact not everyone is gonna be rich and can't find their purpose there is self responsibility for that . That's why the generation after us is waaaayyy to spoiled entitled and a lot won't know what real hard work is. Some will never what it means to work 2 jobs, have no car and bus with their children everywhere to get to school, work, babysitter and home and do it all again without breaking and drugging themselves and their kids.

  12. Glad I grew up without cell phones and remembered people's numbers. The ones you remembered are the ones who were closest to you can't tell that on a Facebook page .

  13. How is this guy a self help thing? People buy things they don't need. If you only bought shit you need that would be pretty boring. Of course people buy things with money they don't have if you need a reliable car and don't have the money to buy it outright it becomes a credit purchase for need. If you are that shallow then no level of self help is going to work. Seriously folks you buy shit for yourself if it makes you happy or your life easier or more productive. I'm surprised no one called Carlin on his bullshit the moment it spilled out of his mouth. Is this the new version of tony roberts.

  14. He had some great points but the overall premise that these poor powerless millennials were dealt a bad hand and it’s everyone else’s fault just feels strange to me. Yes I’m a millennial. I agree with all he’s said except the victim Mentality undertones

  15. I feel like this guy really hasn’t reached shit about dopamine. Like yeah smoking alcohol and gambling causes dopamine, but you know what else causes dopamine? Food, water, exercise, sex, and social interaction. In fact these are the 5 main dopamine releasers. And no, dopamine is by no means numbing. It’s literally the opposite, as a stimulate and the basis of brains reward system. If he wants two talk about dopamine overload that’s fine but regarding dopamine as a numbing addiction chemical instead of one of the most basic chemicals for survival and the top chemical for happiness is just wild (and super misinforming).
    Yes, social media can be toxic and unhealthy for many people, but it’s ignorant to think it’s the cause of all young peoples problems. I never use social media anymore, not because I have an issue with it but because it just doesn’t interest me, and yet my mental health is far far worse right now than when I was a teenager and using the internet to connect with my friends all the time. In fact, I’d love to have social connections online these days because at least it’s better than no social interactions. The depression and anxiety issues in the youth go so far beyond just too much texting and social media. It goes all the way down to the root flaws and cruelty in todays society.
    These is so much violence in the world today, paired with extreme neglect and exploitation of youth. Frequently even outright abuse, as long as it’s profitable to the older and more powerful individuals.

    School shootings are on an exponential rise. Trans kids are being attacked and put in serious danger for political gain. Teen suicide rates are skyrocketing. Perverted politicians are passing more laws to further legalize child marriage (which, by the way, allows these grown men to have sex with children with 0 legal repercussions). More and more young adults are become homeless due to the ever growing prices of property and rent, while wages only increase at a fraction of the rate. And this is still just scratching the surface.

  16. This was a fantastic watch (and sad), i feel like its getting worse and not just Millennials at all. I spend about 30 minutes a week on my phone at most Unless its work related. Im a bit older than a Millenial but i can see the addiction every time i look at the phone, its easy to see and the ease with witch it can drain money out of you as well.

  17. Success is in prayer. There is no other success than in prayer. Learn to pray and how Allah fulfill your needs by prayer. If you don't believe me, just try. Tonight, you take bath or shower and then cover yourself in prostration and pray. Tell Allah all your worries and suffering. Tell Allah that you need His guidance and Help. Cry in tears. Say "In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful, please help me (then ask…..) Allah will give you answers and will open up the ways for you.
    Dear Mankind :
    True success is in Islam. Read the Qur'an. Read. Don't burn. Read.

  18. I think people of whatever age need hypnosis. People can be transformed into being a better person each and everyday. Entitled people and people who are normal and who don't feel entitled need hypnosis. Times today in 2022 are very negative. We need to be programmed in being positive everyday. Yes, society is very negative. Man needs help. Positive messages by these people don't reach all but hypnosis conquers one soul a day. Thank You for reading. Take care. USA. 2022 North America.

  19. Im a millenium 1985 and it took me until lately to realise that the only impact that i can have is by being an exemple for my kids by my acts! Showing by acting it took me 37 years to understand that concept im not special im only a humain 1 in millions and only my choice and my act can make me special for my surrounding and at the end at my last breath that the only things that gonna matter! So better working my ass off and bitting in every day that (god,nature,science etc) give me until that moment come … it feel like its what gonna bring me closer to the so call paradis for what that mean(i dont believe in religion)