This is Why You Are Never Happy!

This is Why You Are Never Happy!

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  1. Overachievers are never happy because they are constantly trying to reach higher goals. I am an achiever, over achiever, and I am never happy. I always wondered why and now I know. Believe it or not, knowing that makes me happy. Thanks Tony!

  2. 1) Focus equals feeling.
    2) Take Control Your Focus
    3) Pattern of focus = Habit
    Do you focus more on what you HAVE or on what you MISSING?
    Do you focus more on what you CAN control or what you CAN'T control?
    Do you focus more on the PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE?

    4) So you got to decide what to focus on.
    You got to decide what things mean and find the empowering meaning you get, what ever meaning you get is going to create emotion, and emotion will control your third decision. So what am I going to do?
    So if you think they're dissing you, you're going to be angry. If you think they're loving you, you are going to feel connected and you are going to make different decissions.

  3. Before the pendamic I used to depend on signifiers to define my success, but now I had the opportunity to become myself a signified, and that is theonly way to be really happy, successful, and persistent,… Your best version

  4. I'm 13 listening to all this trying my best to lose weight for my self and my family and I'm trying to be a ufc fighter one day I'll train till my last breathe on this earth I'll become the greatest

  5. Changing your body posture changes your biochemistry. Stand and act like successful people, your biochemistry will change and you will gradually become one (of course, also take action towards your goals and vision).

  6. Don't conform to the mold, break the mold. We all have the potential to become so much more than we or anyone ever thought possible, simply by changing our perspectives about the way we view our situations, and the world around us. When we experience tragedies and our lives become seemingly unbearable, that's usually the cue that it's time to make some meaningful changes. Wishing everyone peace and continued success in their journey of growth.

  7. God I needed this. I'm stuck. I need to expand my business or it will get stagnant. I focus on what I have, but need to figure out what to do to go forward. I need to enjoy the process, instead of letting my panic take over.

  8. "You got to grow or you die inside and you got to give or you don't feel any meaning in your life."

    Tony Robbins


    "Awaken to the fact that life isn't just about me but about we. When you see that life is about serving something greater than yourself, there's an energy that enters your spirit your soul your body and your mind."

    Tony Robbins


    "Seing the impact of your life is what makes life meaningful."

    Tony Robbins


  9. Massive action means massive action. Nothing will change unless we take massive action to achieve something life changing with a clear intension of what we want. Life is great when we work for community to grow and also we grow individually. Helping others to grow inspire individuals to do more than self. This is the spirit life and a fulfilment life.