THIS is the secret to a long and happy life!

THIS is the secret to a long and happy life!

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  1. This message is for someone who needs to hear this and will fully understand it… You are not define by your circumstance or your past. It’s not what happened to you that determines your success in life; it is how you deal with those circumstances that determines your success in life. You are strong, you are capable and practice forgiveness (Forgiveness is for you; forgive your parents or anyone whom we have chosen to hurt us, to begin the process of healing and freedom. Remember: Forgiveness is for you to be freed, healed and happy. It’s a RESET BUTTON) and practice gratitude everyday. This will change the course of your life forever. Love you always and I believe in you wholeheartedly no matter what ✨❤️ – Nat

  2. "The purpose of life is manifested through our relationships"
    Please don't waste you time (life) spending it with someone who doesn't value you or allow you to grow into the beautiful being you were put on this earth to become.

  3. hey beautiful person reading my comment, If you feel like you know what to do but maybe there's still something missing.. try this simple thing, All Progress & Self Improvment can happen if we can consciously align breath, focus, & a mantra(about breath& focus &mantra)(we mention these 3 within the mantra), with each inhalation say the mantra, with each exhalation say the mantra again. If a human being can sustain these 3(breath&awareness&thought) consciously and in alignment, it will lead to becoming fully joyful &awakened. Thoughts about what's right and wrong are not needed after that. Because If There's no misery within you would you do something that is wrong?.. just try this & be free from your mind.. .