This is My Escape! – LISTEN IN THE GYM – Epic Motivational Video

This is My Escape! – LISTEN IN THE GYM – Epic Motivational Video

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This is My Escape!
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Chris Ross:

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Phoebe Hutchinson:
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Royce Newton:
Sam Mercuri:
Holly Hiney:

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PUMP this motivational speech up in the gym, our next workout session or run!

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  1. This is EVERYTHING! I am putting this at the beginning of my workout playlist so I hear it during warmup every damn day before every damn workout.

  2. Team Fearless, thank you for adding the words to help me stay FOCUSED. Blocking out the world as I focus with 100%, absolute, uncompromising forward movement. I’d rather die than give up. I CANT give up. It’s just not in me. I have the determination to break through every wall, every barrier, every setback. I was born this way. NO excuses! I make my own path! Even when others can’t see the spiritual, physical, and mental treasures that this path brings, I move forward. When life hits me so hard , I fall to the dirt , face first. I get back up! I will never give in. I will never settle. I BELIEVE In myself, even when no one else supports me. They can call me names, they can say it can’t be done, I say…WATCH ME! It’s the journey, not the goal. I didn’t come here to take it easy. I came to be forged in the crucible of life!!! I will never stop growing. And I just wanted to say thank you. For being that other voice in my ear, driving me forward.
    Reiny Holbrook

  3. Plzz can u make a video on how to remove obsessions from relationship,smart phones or anything like these….and focus on your goals….plz make one ily💕💕💕

  4. This as my name written all over it, when im in the gym earphones go in and i go in my own zone, i love feeling the pain because i know im growing i look round an see heads in phones lots of talking etc, an this is what seperates me from those who dont give 100% i smile walking round the gym from set to set knowing that i give all my energy an effort into workouts an feel good from it, those 99% who slack need to catch up if they wanna keep up 😊

  5. With the world around us so confusing,listening to you at the gym is so motivational i have shared w many on apple music ..your an amazing motivator! Thank you . Your w me every time for one more!! Love it!