THIS IS MIND BLOWING!!! “This New Science Will Change Medicine Forever”

THIS IS MIND BLOWING!!! “This New Science Will Change Medicine Forever”

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  1. You have Pfizer, Moderna and J&J in collaboration and support of the FDA, trying to exterminate as many humans as possible, then you have this, what a contrast.

  2. All this only applicable if you only want to live only one life on earth. Well there is other stages of life apart from this earth to be lived. It's a holistic journey which you only find when your soul travels after living this body.
    Hope it makes sense. Don't we all like to grow, live and see what's out there for us.

  3. Get real people… who will have access to this new technology… you and I… Nope only those who can afford it… Look at the problems we have to overcome… food shortages, poverty, education, climate change… ya and like yer gonna live forever… good luck

  4. I’ve figured for a while now that the current generation, maybe the next couple of generations, will probably have the distinction of just missing the time when medical science is able to significantly expand our life spans. And the people in the near future who get to live 500 or 600 healthy years will say “oh that such a shame they just missed this. How terrible to only live 80 or 90 years.”

  5. Boys get circumcisions in the first few days
    And i don't know anyone who had his foreskin grow back.
    I'm not sure
    But i detect bullshit.

  6. Ok, but good luck with that. No way Big Pharma is going to allow people to be healed. How are they going to make their billions? If they WERE ok with people being healed, they would by now have allowed all the natural CURES out there for deadly illnesses like Cancer, etc. Why the heck do you think they created Corona for the world? They have been and are still COINING IT, from this pandemic. They are of course trying to make this their biggest ongoing cash cow ever, and are growing the possibilities to coin it with it, exponentially & into infinity! I cannot see how this will be allowed to exist. Anyone who has ever tried to set people free from the greed of Big Pharma and other huge corrupt companies, have ended up dead, their breakthrough's destroyed/stolen, etc. So, good luck with this. Maybe they will allow it, at exorbitant cost. Like they prey on desperate people who are deadly ill, like cancer patients. The cancer industry is a HUGE cash cow for them! HUGE! Either way, this is a lose-lose for normal people.

  7. 'We'll be comfortable in him' Toni. I never let any family member out to beat people, especially you? This is the end Toni. You don't understand they'll get switched off.

  8. The problem with Dolly was that was aging very fast. I understand that this is not a case anymore. This is a good “message”, but probably only rich will benefit from this scientific achievements, since will be so expensive that regular people will be not able to afford. Life!

  9. Its the concepts that are most important, You can train your mind to do the rest without pills, sprays, surgery or money. You can reverse aging with your mind, and lead your mind with pre-suppositional questions, internal metaphors and imagination, that clearly positively impact the body. This material gives you the necessary language and targets/tasks to program your mind. Here is a clue. Ask yourself questions. "Curiously, what if I had already ….?" using tag questions to reach more completely within the mind. I grew an inch in my 50's experimenting with this linguistically. I make a key distinction between my calendar age and my body's operating age, so I don't belie my progress when I need to give my age from the world's viewpoint. I play with it from time to time for renewed energy and attitude. And an aside: Universal Mind/God Mind contains all including this. Maybe Spiritual studies have great applications for renewing the body by taking limits off the mind, explaining what appears to be miraculous healing, even regrowth of the body.