“This Is How You Ask For a Raise” | Ramit Sethi

“This Is How You Ask For a Raise” | Ramit Sethi

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  1. What do you do when you are working at a dead end job, already a peak performer as you can't feed the material into the machine any faster than the machine can take it, working alongside people who verbally expressed how they do not want to work any faster than they have to, and have a boss who is not only new to the company so I an not going to be getting a raise any time soon but also is a cheapskate and has already cut as much expenses as he possibly can?
    My old boss would give us a slight raise every quarter. It has been a year since the new boss has taken over and I have not received a raise. When I ask for a raise I an told "it has been a tough year and I think we should wait a little longer to see how it goes." Even though nothing has changed.

  2. He just stated facts , just theatrically ….like he recommends other people.
    Any job if you can perform over and beyond average employees mandate, you can ask for a raise. It is not really big news.

  3. Dude, you have no idea what your talking about. The suggestion you made about getting a co-worker to send an email on "your behalf" will bring you undone. The "co-worker" is my competitor. If i was asked to do this i would…. but then i have that person. That is a slimy and underhanded way to try gain a raise. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD you will only lose your job. Working for someone is not about negotiating with the school teacher about whos turn it is to ring the school bell!! So far 23,347 people have found you to be flawed. Go get a job and dont profess to know something about a matter you clearly dont. Lazy Bum~!!!

  4. I agree with the preface that you need reasons why you deserve a raise , on the other hand you have got to be aware that there is such a thing as corporate dynamics and culture , they will always find reasons to not give you what you are worth , because for you to get what you are worth you have to make the company more … , and thats just how it is

  5. You seems to be working in a mom-pop business where a Boss takes the final call on Pay Raise… coming to bigger Corporate… Its not the Boss but Boss's Boss, his Boss, Talent, Operations, Finance and all God dam people are going to 'Collaborate' to put your merits down and justify that why we cannot get a pay hike to you.. So

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  7. So if you suck up and ask someone who really doesn’t know why you’re valuable then you can bullshit your way up? I retired when I was 50 in the middle of the Great Recession and I never worked at a co. longer than 6 years. I never asked for a raise. I invented things that you have used and you don’t know who I am. Successful people will never ask you for help, nor will they try to teach you. There is an intangible that is hard to describe that will separate you from average and asking for a raise is not it.

  8. Generally I don't dislike a video especially if they are from this channel but I did today. Practically, the good for nothing bosses will suck the life out of you first and then a meager raise on the top of appraisal will be awarded to you as compensation.

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  10. Your boss talking to his boss: -hey, I have an awesome employee that has gone above and beyond, I want to give him a raise. -not an option. -ok, fine. Btw it's already noon, shall we order some food? -ok

  11. I also would like to know what not to do and say as well. I really love this video, but I have a meeting in a week to discuss getting a raise at work. We have lost two great employees and have been short staffed for a while. I have been with this office for almost two years and have grown so much and feel as though with all the hard I’ve been putting to hold the office together and maintain our great status as an office, I should be compensated fairly. I have done research and I know what wage I could be making at other offices but I really like my job, I really just want to able to get paid the wage I know I deserve while still being able to continue working here. I am really nervous.

  12. So I work in a job where a inexperienced employee makes 1$ -$3 more than me. I don’t have high self esteem I have no confidence to get a higher raise they just gave us a raise and my pay is crap I’m a good employee I work more than everyone I made less mistakes than people who pay more than me and I’m so scared to ask for more. I need so much help

  13. I am an employee and I was about to ask for a raise, I never said anything until my boss offered me a promotion and a higher salary. I still didn't grab it because I don't want a bigger responsibility. I was just thinking about the raise but I don't want to get my job harder.

    If you are an employee and you want a raise, you have to work hard for it. You can't get a raise without having more duties, or responsibility.

  14. If you have to ask for a raise, you’ve already lost it. I highly recommend the book “Corporate Confidential”. How many of the people that you know asked for a raise actually got it? If you haven’t been offered MORE WORK, more projects and an opportunity for MORE VISIBILITY you are absolutely not being considered for MORE MONEY. But good job giving this guy views.

  15. How to get a raise: Be better at your job!! … Just kidding, although that is what he said, he provided an effective way on how to get your boss to notice your improvements and value

  16. Yo, i used this script word for word yesterday, here's how it went. (Fucking awesome)
    I just got hired 9 days ago as a cook making $14.50, my homie who got me hired gets $18. All the veterans of 8+yrs with the company get around that much.
    So i watched the whole interview before starting my first day so i hit the ground running. Instantly, top performer behavior. No joke, I'm already better than everyone because i made it my mission to be the most efficient and hardworking employee, while everyone already developed a less empowering attitude.
    So i sat down my two main big bosses, and said this script perfectly, they about shit themselves. Needless to say, I'm confident in my raise at the end of these 30 days until our next appointment.
    Not to mention, i knew i could increase my value elsewhere, my roommate works for Amazon making $19.50 an hour, so i applied, got the job, and starting date. And included that into my presentation. The amount of relief my bosses got, all the work was done for them, when i said "if i achieve this, I'd like to discuss a salary adjustment. Bet let's not worry about that right now, i want to focus of this" the shock and joy that was written on their face was priceless. Only top performers get top performer pay ??