This is For Everyone Going Through Pain Right Now – MasteryTV

This is For Everyone Going Through Pain Right Now – MasteryTV

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We can’t lose HOPE in our darkest moments. All moments pass, good and bad. Whatever you’re going through: KEEP GOING. Do not lose hope. Better days are coming!

Speech by Chiara Gizzi:

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#Pain #Suffering #NeverLoseHope

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  1. I am in such pain and difficulty with my knee and leg, been going on so long and an eighteen month wait for surgery, but you are correct this is not all dark, it helps me know who cares and who helps, x

  2. Subject: Things to remember 🦋
    I am not perfect but I am working hard for myself for success.⚘
    Failure comes in most places, tolerance is a must. Remember, failure is weak.🌿
    Success comes in no time, be satisfied.🥀 Remember, success is strong and powerful. 🌳
    Talk less and be more in silence. Silence is almost a victory to those who speak less.
    Study the people well, once you studied that individual person is having a negative mind, then immediately get far away from them.🌹
    Today it is hardly difficult to find an honest person, if you found one, keep in touch with them to learn good things in life.🌻
    It is so easy to find bad peoples, they are freely available in this world.🌼
    Once or whenever you come across any bad
    people, try to get away from their end and stay alone. 🌲
    Bad or negative people are like the
    'Poisonous snakes '🐉
    Written by: Dawood ✍
    Date: 14.02.2022

  3. It has been a few years since some people I know and love died, the only reason I keep going is due to my love for my best friend and me wanting to please the Lord Thy God, otherwise I would have killed myself by now instead

  4. Wow I needed to hear this. Me and my best friend got into an argument. And I don’t wanna lose her. And a boy told me that girls are weak and I’ll I wanted to do is hurt him but instead he hurt me. My friend as made me lose hope even more but this video helped me.

  5. The only best way to fix pain is By The Bible, Jesus Christ is the only true way to satisfying life.. not our selves, this false motivations can only lead to hell.. just be careful..

  6. I did the same thing. Stayed busy, fed the geese, went to the ponds fed the fish. Went to the food pantry and ate with the less fortunate and the homeless. To feel the blessings that I have. Went to church where I felt like part of a family. Made plans to start a new career. Went back to college. Believed in myself. Stayed sober, grew into through my pain. Just could not understand why the devil was attacking me. I was not doing evil. I was not a devil. As I let that go my pain was gone. Just was getting tired of being alone. I would rather be alone and happy. Than with someone who put me down made me feel like I was not enough. I had someone who was going through a struggle. I was asking God in prayer for wisdom to give me the words and the spirit to let her ejoy her life and family again. This sparked a fire in my heart. Gave me a fantasy of years past when I loved and cared for someone. I guarded my heart for many years not letting myself get attached to anyone. When I felt I was getting attached. I would break it off. I didn't feel I was responsible enough to be responsible for them as fear of failure i would let go. I found myself doing this again. This person was like they wanted me to stay. I blew it again. Could not get them off my mind. Felt like they needed someone. Just like the geese, the fish and the homeless with the cloths. I wanted to share my personal savior Jesus christ. My church family. My way of getting my life back. Stayed positive on my goals. Fear that I should go. My spirit even in silence found myself thinking. Merry Christmas you go for your happiness. What ever happens. I know you know how I feel. I am strong. I don't look at it as regret or failure. I see strength. I want to see a real smile. I had put all my music away 12 years ago because that was what my Dad and I did. Had extra time with changing jobs. Was inspired to sing again. I don't want to make anyone sad. Just having trouble with walking away. God bless. Be there for your family. Stay strong. My goals are on plan. I have 3 years months as long as I am in school. My goals will be met. In the strong name of my personal savior Jesus. Amen.

  7. My. Name. Is. Marilyn. Aulwes. Going. Through. Pain. Right. Now lost. My. Brother. Billy. Aulwes he. Died. From. Covid. Nineteen. And. It. Really. Hurts. But. I. Finally. Let. Him. Go. My .brother. Now this. Is. A .pulic comment. And. Respect. People. And. Will. Always. Respect. Every thing. From. Marilyn. Aulwes

  8. I am crying! This video is what exactly I'm going through right now. I really needed to hear this. This too shall pass.

  9. Well thanks to being hit by a car 3 separate times, 25 surgeries I have live 50 of my 59 years in severe pain. I have never given up, but the pain is sucking the life and will out of me.

  10. Go ahead dude the video is so perfect I swear Allah that beautiful ❤️, I always hear it ,it make me feel comfortable
    It's so fancy yeah keep going buddy I hope always for u the best 😊