This INVISIBLE LINE Controls Your Life! (DO THIS to CHANGE IT) – MasteryTV

This INVISIBLE LINE Controls Your Life! (DO THIS to CHANGE IT) – MasteryTV

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The INVISIBLE LINE That Controls Your Life (Motivational)
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  1. burn the boats is the mathod of muslim commander name, tariq bin zyad, i open challenge to the whole world all that data napoleon used in think and grow rich is took from islamic knowledge research and scholars and used as success psychology before and after napoleon hills no one found that success beliefs and data. that chapter of faith is coming from on saying of prophet Muhammad pbuh: إِنَّمَا اْلأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّاتِ
    that chapter persistence on the very first edition of think and grow rich napoleon hills has written on the name as The Last Great Prophet Muhammad pbuh. you can check if any one found first edition of his book. the chapter sexuality he is coming from the third caliph of islam name Usman Al ghani he was the most moral and shy regards womens of the muslim ummah and he was the most rich person of muslim ummah even though he sponsored the whole armory just in minutes for a protective war, tha last chapter of think and grow rich named the ghost of fear he took that data from the book of islamic great scholar name imam ibn qayyim's book name waswasah,
    napoleon hills new the truth and thats why he was against saint and churches napoleon wrote jesus pbuh man not GOD.
    i can wrote each and every thing what he learned from islam and wrote down by his own words. you can learn islamic history this knowledge was just in islam no one else has this knowledge before napoleon hills. unless this knowledge is been stolen and muslim libraries and univeristies has burned in spain. and western hypocrites steal our knowledge and used as their own discovery

  2. Are you using your success the right way ?

    Aiming high is a quality of a determined person, a person who wants to achieve big in life but the happiness one achieves from making their dreams come true become manifolds when it can be used for others.

    Your life has a purpose, it is not only about you but also about lives others. There are many who are living in the darkness of life. If you are able to make a difference to those who need and help them to see the world with your light, you have truly succeeded in making it big.

    Let your light be a direction for others. End of the day, achievement is all about satisfaction and there is no bigger satisfaction than giving.

    Motivate me by subscribing I really like 😒,,

  3. This is who I am right now, the journey that i'm stepping in is just invisible yet, this doesn't mean the process not working. It is processing in a very unlimited ways and I am going to reach there.

    You also going to be there soon. See you in the other side.

    God bless you all.

  4. មនុស្សភាគច្រើន ស្រឡាញយើង ដោយប្រយោល ឬដោយមានប្រយោជន៍ ! ដូចឆ្នេះ
    វាមិនខ្វះទេ មនុស្សប្រភេទនេះ ។ 😁

  5. យើងសម្រាកនៅពេលយើង គិតថានណា ដែលជាមនុស្ស អាចជួយយើងដោយ មិន ប្រើល្បិចកល់ នៅពេល ដែលយើង កំណត់ ។ 😁

  6. នេះវាជាគំនិតរបស់លោក សកម្មភាពរបស់លោកនឹងគំនិតរបស់លោក ? តែបើគំនិតយើងវិញ ?
    យើងត្រូវការពារ កំណល់ទុក កល់ ដំដែលយើង
    ចង់ កល់នៅពេលដែលយើងសម្រាក យើងត្រូវចង កំណលលើស្មារបស់យើង ? ទុកពេលយើងត្រូវការប្រើវា ?😁

  7. 👑
    No living creature will change that!
    No behavior will influence that!
    I got it All under control!
    My invisible line IS My Standard so you will never know where that line IS.
    But Trust Me:

  8. sometimes i feel life is so hard to make us happy and satisfy. the bad thing of work, love, friend and all kind of things came to me. I known i am stronger than what i thought, but i have to face all worse things myself, no one was beside me at that moment…after all i am becoming strong and positive person. Now i can believe in myself that i am able to tackle everything myself.

  9. … as a Biologist – you deserve 100 Million Down Votes… I quit my 25.000 Euro Job – as I am worth so much more. Now I have No Job, No Money, No Home. I am worth at least those 25 000 Euros. I can sue You for damages…

  10. Holy quran saying about this Invisible line
    36:9 And We have put before them a BARRIER and behind them a BARRIER and covered them, so they do not see.
    36:10 And it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them – they will not believe.

  11. Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed that. I have lowered my standards during the COVID crisis just to keep bread on the table. The jobs I have are now toxic, the bosses abusive. I needed the push, the uplift. I have to get different jobs and risk the steady income. Thank you, Fearless. As always you come through for those of us in need.