This Inspiring Advice He Got From His Father Changed His Life Forever – Inky Johnson | Goalcast

This Inspiring Advice He Got From His Father Changed His Life Forever – Inky Johnson | Goalcast

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Look Inside speech – Inky Johnson talks about meeting his father for the first time, and learning important lessons from him on finding the inner drive that will power you through tough times.

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  1. i have always loved basketball and this video made me go outside to practice and get better cause i want to be the greatest and this is a great video it has helped me out a lot thx for making this vid

  2. When I fuss about the same thing over and over again it's lie how stupid amI really?l have to put more effort in to having more faith in God always.Mr.Inky Jonhson makes me feel like I'm Wasteing time worrying about simple stuff and, I should stop letting small people and things stop me from who I am.God has a plan for me.Amen.

  3. Commitment is a character, do what you said what you were going to do. Even if you're tired. There is always someone inside that can do better, there is always something better. If it's not great make it great. Always keep trying to get more. Enough shouldn't be enough. Even if you have even you keep trying until you have the most

  4. Other fathers : give hood lectures and life lessons.
    My father : is never happy with what i do and constantly calls me incompetent even though i have top of the class grades and a relatively good social life

  5. Dicipline is in only way you could gain your self-develope, don't expect thing to come by itself. Work hard and it will come back to you. Be kind to people, wisdom will come to you. I've found this video really inspiration, I hope you like it too??:​​