“They Found Another Species of Human Beings”

“They Found Another Species of Human Beings”

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  1. Every single one of these clips that I've watched of yours contained errors. There are so many errors and on so many subjects that I'm just not going to watch anymore because I can't trust a word that you say. You need to research your content a little better before you put it out there. For the most part they are rookie mistakes about information that most people know already. It's obviously poor planning and execution on your part.

  2. Well this evolution is nothing but bullshit. I was with 3 scientists that had dug up 8 different bodies, and had carbon data done. And the carbon data came out wrong every time….

  3. If you look at the entire population around the world, you will find in terms of bodily and facial features, all of us including the Africans look about the same except one asian nation. They look very different.

  4. Human Nephilim hybrids. Abomonations… we have been warned about these things by KGB and CIA intelligence whistleblowers… if the majority of people in the world knew about these things people would be hunkered and bunkered down in fear.

  5. They are Alien only the froot loop religious weirdos in the way of the truth study the Sumerian Texts all the proof for ET is on them thousands of years older than Torah or Bible and is where the Bible stories were copied from wake up Christians you are living a lie

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  7. Um, what?

    Too many assertions. And far to many facts tha have been proven to not be true along multiple vectors. The most obvious and egregious example is the "out of Africa" disinformation. Whilst I can't speak to all of the information you present, I can assert with confidence that; the timeline that you use is massively incorrect….

  8. Our DNA has mutations that are dormant to us, but when the environment changes. We do as well. If we lived on Mars we might all be 9 feet tall or on Venus 4 feet tall and vastly different features. Of coerce the planets would have to be habitable. What if all DNA is the same? What if you could activate certain genes in the DNA to make it possible to live on different worlds? I can accept it, can you?

  9. Ufo"s don't break the laws of physics at all. People try to see them as air planes. But they follow different laws of physics. We know all the laws, our thinking is the problem here.

  10. Old school was more intelligent than us, just less high tech, which takes time over eons. Modern mans DNA has been muddied down. Surviving pre tools era, then inventing them from scratch…