THEY DON’T KNOW ME! SHOCK THEM WITH SILENCE AND SUCCESS – Best Motivational Speech Video Compilation

THEY DON’T KNOW ME! SHOCK THEM WITH SILENCE AND SUCCESS – Best Motivational Speech Video Compilation

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  1. 37:15 onwards I listen to everyday and try my best to go as hard as I can to better myself .. the way he says that you could be a world better and it just stops for a second or 2 let’s that phrase dig a nice deep home in your mind . Hope everyone listening to this can come out of the rut they’re in and become a bigger better you take your time you will get the feeling you are changing day by day you will begin notice a massive shift . Peace

  2. Years ago if you said you talk with your mind, you were considered crazy.

    Ive been crazy all my life.

    Recently, I was able to talk myself into losing 30 lbs in 5 months.

    I look and feel like a teenager again, but Im 46.


  3. I was lying dead alone seen everything past and future decided then I wanted to see the future got lucky and surviced most don't get lucky live every moment to the fullest. I always too hard road paid off

  4. Actually, don't shock anyone but yourself. If you spend your life trying to prove stuff to others, you will only be miserable. The truth is, nobody cares what you are doing unless it somehow relates to their self-interest. And that's the truth. Moderation and balance in life are key while also setting meaningful and valuable goals to achieve.

    But remember, you do that for yourself and nobody else. The whole point in life is to become better, no awesome, in whatever you choose to do. You can have an audience but you should not care if they are cheering for you or not. Because they only care when you're on top and deliver the goods either way.

    As soon as you fall, they all flee like rats. Thus, never take anything personally in life, it's just a silly game anyway. Just become the best player you can be and simply do not give a fuck 😀

  5. Do you have any idea of what kind of horrific shit or hell I have been through? Just because I go to another place to stay or whatever it is doesnt mean i relive that over again. No and rather not and shouldnt of happened the first time . I dont have prove anything to anybody it's my life and it's about time for me to enjoy the great stuff from my life that I worked hard for instead of another person trying to steal it from me which that really cant and I say that if you know my blood line you'll understand why I'm saying this

  6. Wow I needed this today. I have been feeling so miserable because I dont like who I am or where I'm at with my life lately. I haven't even been trying to push myself to change my life and change myself. I'm done with that shit I'm taking control of my life. I am too great to waste another day living the life of a loser!