“These Are My LAST WORDS To Inspire HUMANITY…” | Tupac Shakur

“These Are My LAST WORDS To Inspire HUMANITY…” | Tupac Shakur

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✪ Legendary hip hop artist Tupac Shakur left this world far too early, but it’s clear that he and his music had a lasting impact. Tupac fought for a better world for his generation.

00:00 Intro
01:24 “I loved my childhood but hated growing up poor”
02:44 “You are not above the law you have to learn your place”
04:35 “Like all black men you have a bull’s eye on your back and today it just got bigger”
6:40 “Shakur’s private life has drawn more attention than his music”
8:40 “Every time I speak I want the truth to come out”

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  1. Notice he was beaten in Oakland California where my father Huey P Newton founded the Oakland California Black Panthers Party for Self Defense…remember his mom was Black Panthers and close to my father

  2. FYI Glorifying Ghetto heroes and homies. Masogynism bish please. Thug life delivery! Serving em up thug style. Been Believing in God more, putting in more work, and bout it more than fools, ever knew, who misrepresenting true thugs. Not to mention without trying too hard too. Even down to die for the cause but this ain't living.

  3. Don't get how people rate Tupac so much they go on like he's the only artist plenty of artists before him and after just as good never rated his music much do think he's OK artist he was not the king of rap or black jeus either I mean he is dead and gone just like biggy who cares

  4. All his songs WASN'T guns,violence etc,,Typical press.Oakland police part of the biggest armed gang in America.His name makes him a criminal??BULLSHIT
    R.I.P Tupac.

  5. Tupac was everything to so many people and still to this day me and those people still luv and miss him I was never lucky enough to meet Pac but man I still cry and miss him all the time Pac and his music is for ever no matter what

  6. I will never ever allow anyone else to have power nor will I do the same over someone. Break your chains people. Renove toxic people of your life. Become who you were always meant to be !

  7. Wow. Those bad cops. Racist. Just went after him. 25 yes wow. Hes spoke up so he was killed. Ik like Dr Martin Luther King. If someone had warnedho.or he .oved from there & changed his life he'd be alive maybe. Idk. Ugh.

  8. if i can or gona date any black male for a byf or husband 2pac will be my 1st choice n my only choice i willing to date n marry any black male, im asian but 2pace is a real deal n real man. love his message n realness, and not cluding his flaws mistajes but he is a real special man despise to his wasy s of viewing, understanding, the world at the time in his world. his rap its not about just for frame attentiin money attention its meabinful poetry poverty and how he view the world n put it into all his special albums n music….