THE WORLD IS YOURS – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Billy Alsbrooks)

THE WORLD IS YOURS – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Billy Alsbrooks)

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THE WORLD IS YOURS! This is a Powerful New Motivational Speech by Motivational Speaker and Author Billy Alsbrooks from Positive Worldwide. Officially released and re-edited by Motiversity.
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Phone: 407-310-3275 [US]

Billy’s book “Blessed and Unstoppable” is a success manual that will help you start living the abundant life you were created you to live. You can get it now on Amazon:

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  1. Wow Great Advice! Super powerful!!! I am going to keep focusing on providing quality content to my audience and the revenues will come later. Thanks! You have so much knowledge on your Instagram alone. Your amazing! I am going to follow some of your models for success. Thanks again!

  2. Your channel inspired me a lot! I was doubting my potential all the time. After considering tips from your videos& gathering all the courage, I manage to post my FIRST EVER travel video with my own voice over! Guys If time permits, please go through it and give me valueable feedback! Much love.

  3. Thanks for the content. Billy is on fire 🔥 This gives me the strength to pursue my day my way and instead of music at the gym this is what I listen to. RAW

  4. I have been struggling for years with depression, heartbreak and downfall wherever I set foot. I have doubted myself every single day to the point of believing I would never amount to anything in my life. This channel just picked me up and told me that all of that was a lie. I can change the world and I plan to do it.
    The world is mine, and I plan to shape it the best I see fit.