The Wisdom of Not Knowing | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

The Wisdom of Not Knowing | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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Eckhart decodes the famous teaching from Socrates that says, “The reason why I’m the wisest of all men is that I’m the only one who knows that he knows nothing.” The deeper meaning of this statement is not feigned modesty, but instead an acknowledgment that true wisdom arises from a place of not knowing. To access this place, one needs to be comfortable in stillness.

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  1. If you’re reading this snd your name is Mary this message is for you “Suffering is no longer needed, your destiny is joy so turn your back on the past and this moment, realize you are joy!”

  2. Not knowing is not necessarily a form of wisdom. Knowing something doesn't depend on us but on God who reveals all knowledge.
    For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. (Proverbs 2:6 KJV)

  3. I can distance myself from my ego and thoughts, but I still struggle finding the still, unmanifested state of mind. It’s very hard to exist in the moment without thinking. Any tips?

  4. Mr. Tolle…. I think you missed the point. The point of saying i don't know if i am a great philosopher is in the facts. As a human, we can not know. If we are not 100% sure, what is the difference between 0.1 % and 99.99%, it will never be 100 %. It is like one and zero. either it is or it is not. and we are all the possible numbers except one and zero. We don't know. And you can snort the eyelashes of ancient dragons, or inhale the smoke from burning unicorn armpit hair…. But the thing is, we posses no knowledge, only assumptions. We Dont Know….. there are variations, but just saying i know i don't know anything is a paradox. You know one thing, and then you can't not know anything. My version and personal philosophy is: i Don't know.

  5. I realize where I am at the present moment has WAY too many negative memories attached to it. The STATE the home the stuff I look at the road I travel. Everyday I am reminded of TOO MUCH negative things all done by MY FAMILY! That which puts me back into a self hating subservient mode CONSTANTLY!

  6. Very insightful and informative perspective that has expanded my understanding.

    Unaware, I’ve practice a form of this in my work.

    Now I’ll incorporate it more strategically as a skill to enhance what I can provide for clients.

  7. Knowing Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour is most important knowing is important knowing he is coming back very soon and he is not happy with false teaching on this earth FIND JESUS CHRIST JAHOVA SAVES PEOPLE…

  8. Allowing oneself to be an instrument of peace, and a channel for the thoughts & wisdom of the Universe rather than thinking we ourselves own it, we own, nothing. The wiser and more mature we become the more we realise how little we know. And there in lies the truth, helping teach others how to think not training them what to think. And of course, if one only recalls what one needs to know and lets everything go day by day, when we do not recall much from yesterday, only that which we presently consciously choose to recall, the fear is then that apparently something is wrong, it is dimentia or alzheimer or senility…

  9. What I don’t understand is how personal development gurus seem to think that positive thinking, staying in the present moment etc is going to solve all of your problems in life. It won’t. At best it will help you not create more problems for yourself but there may be things that can’t get resolved so easily. Really hurtful things like your career getting destroyed by bitter colleagues or losing someone you love. The pain and fear that comes with these things can’t be easily overcome.

  10. I've never feared or had fear when being in present state conciousness. I've always felt joy, bliss, and something else I don't have words for. It's just a type of relief. Tolle talks a lot about suffering propelling us to through spiritual evolution. My upbringing and subsequent life is a testament to such. I find relief and solace in present state conciousness that I seek it when I suffer the most.

    I've felt fear of dissolving of my ego, just never when seeking of presence. I very much love all his views on life and the expression that resonates inside him 🥰

  11. Eckhart Sir, l thought he meant "There is more to know then can ever be known" …. implying that whatever one Knows- is almost zero, compared to what can be known.
    Sir you pulled me out of Total Distress in a Super Duper, crystal clear explanation/ Exposure of EGO. You said the ego keeps seeking even after getting what it seeked. It can NEVER ever be satisfied with what it (You) already have.
    Even the Buddha didn't explain it like this. Congratulations👏 Sir you have done what many before you have tried and tried very hard.

  12. Eckhart is the best teacher for me. When I am present and I listen to him, I clearly understand him. He is a blessing in this journey, so grateful for his teachings and guidance.