The Teacher Called Suffering | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

The Teacher Called Suffering | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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Excerpted from Eckhart’s retreat in Norway in the fall of 2015. An exploration of the uniquely human phenomenon of self-relating …

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  1. It’s almost like the whole of society is set up to stop people from being in peace. Is there a reason for this or have we just made it this way over time?

  2. No need to go in ašram than if you have at home paranoic and autistic people, you can develop enough skills to survive and reprogram yourself at the same time if you want to survive. Very important note for me, a lot of work to do every day to go through. – This was so tiring for me to do until I started to look on situations from inside, from observer, from consciousness. – Because I was forced to find myself in order to endure and take it easy. And before it was not succesful and very tiring. Still comes fears but it is easear to overcome…thanks a lot for input for taking care for ourselves, Eckhart. If we dont take care for ourselves we cant for the others.

  3. i can see through yor game on facebook. Since I abandon you, you are getting revange on me, by adding exactly the videos I hated. You don't win my love through this behavior. My pain only make you happy for short time, but you won;t gain in this way lasting joy.

  4. I do appreciate him taking the time to help those whom seek to better understand themselves on their way to enlightenment. May God bless and be with Him during this quest to inform those who seek the wisdom and knowledge he’s able to provide. Thank you For your time. I’m sure your support will be most beneficial this world through the evolution of her people! .

  5. So great. Here I was thinking about the irony of my path and how I have isolated myself in my home to run from the pain . I've become a hermit for the last 5yrs and I am miserable and my house is literally falling and breaking around me. Every day letting in more sound and allowing more sound out . The road outside gets busier every year while new neighbors move in all around me . It's kinda funny. This was recommended so I hit on it. I really like this guy. I'm going to check out his other stuff. ♥️

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  7. I've been thinking a lot lately, if you put Jesus or Guatama in modern society, enlightenment and all, how would they fair? Put them on a city bus, let them get mugged. These historical figures of spiritual significance are pointers and reminders for us, but this idea that we can't fall back into ego, or that we can transcend a punch in the face with meditation, are flawed assumptions.

  8. 4:50 …."The ego being the unobserved mind in the absence of awareness …
    of presence ….

    "… it creates suffering …."

    "…it doesn't want to create suffering ….

    "… it wants you to be better than others … [if not better], more miserable …."

  9. So much suffering to get us here to this moment??????????? let's not close our minds anymore but see the ego for what it is and the need to be aware and remove it from it or not to identify or give strength or power to it anymore.

  10. And humans never seem to learn, even now in March 2022, even when almost everyone denounces war, there's still a war breaking out because certain people in power in Russia, found no other way out.

  11. The moment you start thinking about no matter what seems to be to be where suffering starts. I don't think you can be perfectly (not almost perfectly) present when you are speaking etc. To me, you can only be perfectly awake when you meditate. So awakening seems to me the completed learning of how to become fully (not almost fully) present no matter the situation. I just wonder what happens when you die, if the dead state of consciousness is really different from the alive state. To stay perfectly present meaning there is no suffering is extremely hard because of identification. Now if you are dead is there even a logic by which you lose identification during all the time until thinking evolves in the next life? Or is that logic only available when we are actively using the brain? The point is if there is no logic to stay present triggered by the brain, then it's random and so it's a very slow learning process, so we can't "do" it. In the case of a slow process, it seems logical that there are things that accelerate the disidentification process. So if there is karma (whatever that really is, nobody would know gravity if science didn't figure it out), then it seems logical to accumulate karma that makes other people more present. That to me seems to be the only way to influence anything. But then again, there is obviously no choice involved, so you could say whatever happens to the brain is completely outside of your control. Then the conclusion is that you may as well not do anything. That on the other hand could be fatal because then you may misbehave. It ultimately doesn't matter if I wrote this or an artifical intelligence