The Secret Power Of Vibration

The Secret Power Of Vibration

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  1. Something else…?… frequency…that's a major problem in our air right now…as Kanye West said " It's all about Frequency"

  2. I’m no where’s and everywhere’s I’m anything and everything I’m someone and no one ☝️ I’m nothing I’m something all at the same time in time where theirs heart ❤️ beat all at the same time once upon a time.

  3. Air is a very thinner form of Water ???? Air is Substance that you feel from a Breeze . Air can be Hot & Cold , Breathing Air is the most fundamental act to live , every Human when Born comes out of water into thinner water called Air . Air the same as Water is the Basic substance to life .

  4. In my perspective, It can also be referenced to us " so called crazy air signs, in whatever planets they are in" my scatter brained ADHD moody highly sensitive energy. We are one in the same with nature….macrocosm, microcosm…if we understood these basics, along with truly knowing our surroundings and the basics of elements, I think it would help a lot of people get ahold of themselves. We've been misinformed about a lot of things and I can't even begin to explain how I try to share this info and get this luney, oh lord, where she get all that from….its even more crazy when u say u just kno BC its already in u…?WHAT I LOVE IS WHEN I do research and come across the same thing I figured out. Universal laws are just that. We all don't have to agree, it may not be true for others yet.

    forgive me for my an air sign, I can sometimes be long winded…kmsl❤??❤