The Problem is AVERAGE (TGIM S9 E6)

The Problem is AVERAGE (TGIM S9 E6)

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#NoMoreSurvivalMode | Eric Thomas speaking to AT&T and his Harbor Solar Employees. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.

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  1. I wanted to take time and thank ET and God for posting this video this help me yesterday I was suffering from betrayal hamilaed from my cousin's and at after 4 years I found courage to for give them for what they did they didn't ask for forgiveness but I went and delt with the pain and betrayed and I for gave them lots for weight is lifed off me now I'm a new man and ITS TIME TO GET MY GRINED ON!!!!!! THANK YOU ET

  2. "everything that is on your dream board is phenomenal except for you…"  ouch, truth hurts though..  Accept it, Adapt to it and get better from it!  We got this!

  3. I know if I remain average I will be a victim. I will struggle financially. I will be stressed and insecure. I will be of little help to others. I will be a disappointment to my son. But when I go BEAST MODE, when I give it 120%, I become the change I want to see in the world. And when I change my world changes. And when I give it 120 I get back 120+. And when I give it everything I got everyday, other people change and that makes the world a step closer to being the best version possible. #MP

  4. I love you, but the reason the USA used to send college players to the Olympics was because it was against the rules to have Pro-Athletes play before that. The DreamTeam was the first year that Pros were allowed in the Olympics. Your telling of the story is a little misleading.

  5. This guy is great but there's just one thing missing…. He's not spreading the word of god. It's like they change there life and do all these great thing but there still missing the big picture. I bet if he was to get save and accept the lord as your favor i life will be even better than it is know. Like you say you read , why haven't you read the bible. Im telling you guys as much as you may avoid it God is real and is the way im telling. Turn to him before its to late

  6. This ain't no bullshit when you go full beast mode beware the haters come out the wood works I was astounded the number of friends that I lost in the company that I work for once I started out performing and out earning all of them but the few I have left sit at the top of the companies payroll