The Power Of Your Belief System | Marisa Peer – MasteryTV

The Power Of Your Belief System | Marisa Peer – MasteryTV

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  1. Thank Dan. I'm a self-taught designer, developer, and marketer, now I wanna be dedicated to programming and development (one area) and develop my skills, my wish is to make 6-figures.

  2. I practice keeping positive thoughts daily. However, I have a partner that flips out over the slightest thing which tends to put everyone else around her in a bad mood or uncomfortable–at the very least, no one wants to be around her. How do you handle that when it happens?

  3. I have my purpose am here for my purpose of something unique, I easily give love and receive, I matter, am deeply significant, I am enough, I give whole world permission of my enough ness..

  4. You know? Years ago, I was driving down the freeway and I was unable to get over to get to my exit. I instinctively said to myself "man, I'm such an idiot. I should have gotten over and now I missed my exit." Then I got to thinking how I would feel if someone else in my passenger seat had called me an idiot for missing my exit. It's amazing how much we put up with self abusive thoughts when we wouldn't stand for it if someone else called us such things. At that time, I decided to try to release those kinds of thoughts and try to train myself to stop having thoughts that were so negative and critical.

    I cannot say that I have completely eliminated these types of thoughts, but I try to point out to people that they shouldn't be so negative to themselves, especially for tiny mistakes. People make mistakes and then drive to the next exit. This doesn't justify being self-abusive.

    This video reminded me and I wanted to share this. Words and thoughts have power and if you berate yourself as I know many people do, this can put you in a very dark place. You may not be able to make everyone feel better immediately by changing your thoughts and self talk, but you can certainly help yourself and stop yourself from feeling as bad.

  5. You'll realize how far you are in your journey, but you'll soon realize you can go even further and achieve greater challenges.

    Keep going my friend. 💥💥

  6. Your thoughts become an energy and your energy becomes your vibration. Then your vibration becomes your reality ✨ pay attention to your thoughts and your vibration 💓