The Power Of WORDS ?…

The Power Of WORDS ?…

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►SELF-HYPNOSIS AUDIO PROGRAMS: (Reprogram Your Subconscious)

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  1. You're ignorant…not me…if you want to cry, I'll tell you the truth. Please don't include we. It's bad English. Say I….to reflect what you see. Because there are those out there who know the game. You sound like Joyce Myer. You are targeting the autistic

  2. I had to have this on a loop, Somewhere around the 12th or so Time I heard it and understood There Is So Much Interference Outside and from within the mind-viewer. For Me Coincidence is relevant when you miss the reason. Being Preoccupied With Urban Life You'd Be Forgiven, I Hope!! Peace! ??

  3. Let us start a New Book that we all write together. Everyone adds all that is good kind loving CARING sharing what the future will be. It starts with a prayer of Thanks to Our Creator for all that is living that exists on this earth. How we want to save everything and everyone as one big family. Like the animals that protect their families. We as humans do the same and protect THEM from US. Man has been given the power to protect or destroy. TOO MANY THINGS HAVE BEEN PRODUCED THAT DESTROY! WE'VE ALL BEEN SO DRAWN INTO THEIR WEB THROUGH THE INTERNET WE'VE LOST OUR PLACE BEING OUTSIDE IN NATURE WHERE WE BELONG. DISCONNECTING FROM THEIR SYSTEM SETS US FREE!

  4. How very sad it is for those seeking truth, when all one needs to do, so that one can be reborn, so to hear and see truth unseen, is to look up, asking the only One who can save you from the wretchedness of this rock, with humbled heart, ask The Lord Savior, Christ Jesus to save you!

    If you believe that He died for your sins, and you ask Jesus to save you, HE WILL!

    Saved by grace, by your faith alone!

    Accept His love and greatest gift above all treasures, life eternal in and through the love of God Almighty in His only Begotten Son, The Holy Christ, you will be reborn righteous and live the life as intended from the beginning!

    Peace and much love to all who accept this truth!

  5. It’s no coincidence,? Our schools are dismantling education.,? Is it obvious who is running the show their endgame,? It’s no coincidence look around the Weaponized and everything against us., the only hope for earth and humanity is the second return of the conquering King, Jesus Christ of Nazareth,????❤️‍?⚔️????? come quickly

  6. In the 1400's the el'ites & Roman Catholic church decided to write the Bible in a language called english. 'Spelling' is what it's called putting a 'sentence'!

  7. I know we are living in the end times explained in the Holy Bible the false prophet is definitely active and the antichrist is having his little demons set everything up for him ! Tribulations is about to start !!! All this other distractions are to keep you from repenting and turning to Jesus Christ your only salvation ?


  9. Insidious is the objective definition of cognitive disonance. The the only way to remain objective of self is to consciously and purposefully create cognative resonance by keeping simple unconditional expressions of love despite others need to get the last word in . Like it were some kind of what is true for me Competition.

  10. It’s not that we’re ignorant it’s the fact that we’ve been lied to from evil, occult families who’ve been behind it all , generation to generation pulling it off . We are actually intelligent human beings but we don’t have the control or means or the ability to access these technologies & frequencies because we weren’t the ones who paid 189 mil or billions to the educational system & had the poets rewrite everything,our history to their advantage & control humanity
    & money laundering to be the richest banking thieves using our financial savings to conduct Fraudulent activities