The Power of Purpose in Business | Ashley M. Grice | TED

The Power of Purpose in Business | Ashley M. Grice | TED

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  1. May remember and recite a song you know think you like to sing, hum or sing along as it happens or think of it might like to hear. So what we hear as what we're to do is try to listen, trying to read, say something type a word or two. Getting out of writing, paper as it may be useful is now a way we spam one another with waste. It is what it is, thinking though of this word one after the next, more than that to know about. Once start to talk about getting to know what should be obsolete is what we do in thwarting, serving continuity, and lacking changes necessary to say in the future innovation has happened and we no longer talk as much conversation that gossip may not gospel. Cutting it out not having to be said as much. No longer will we approach one say a joke, be sarcastic… things we should not let happen. It is for us to communicate not to teach be confused with preach. WE ALL CAN*; what it is we do's learn people and *people learn people*, *people learn us*, and we learn them. What purpose we serve normalcy *CNN what we do not think about, how a building come to be, what is done there, because it is normal is why we can now think what's normal about New Beginnings then where to begin. Why we are here and what we can do about it. We desire not to destroy, destroy is what the relationship with other than the self does more often than not what love is a strong desire that isn't hate ?️

  2. Extrapolating your experience with one employee to the successful implementation of a purpose philosofy of an entire company, that you yourself advised at he time, seems a bit wishful thinking to me.

  3. ?????? ??????
    أيتها السيدات النبيلات. ❤️

    والسؤال المطروح الآن لا يتعلق بالأمور التي تناهضها ? روسيا،

    ولكنه يرتبط بالمستقبل الذي تريد روسيا أن تبنيه.

    إن التغلب على فقدان الثقة الذي استمر لعدة سنوات سيكون صعبا،

    ولكننا سنمضي قدما مسلحين بالشجاعة واستقامة النوايا والعزم.

    سيكون هناك الكثير من القضايا التي سيناقشها البلدان،

    ونحن مستعدون للمضي قدما دون شروط مسبقة على أساس الاحترام المتبادل.

    إن الأمر الواضح لجميع المعنيين بموضوع الأسلحة النووية أننا قد وصلنا إلى نقطة تتطلب الحسم،

    وهي ببساطة لا ترتبط بمصالح أميركا ولكنها ترتبط بمنع سباق للتسلح النووي قد يدفع بالمنطقة إلى طريق محفوف بالمخاطر ويدمر النظام العالمي لمنع انتشار الأسلحة النووية.

    إنني مدرك أن البعض يعترض على حيازة بعض الدول لأسلحة لا توجد مثلها لدى دول أخرى،

    ولا ينبغي على أية دولة أن تختار الدول التي تملك أسلحة نووية،

    وهذا هو سبب تأكيدي مجددا وبشدة على التزام أميركا بالسعي من أجل عدم امتلاك أي من الدول للأسلحة النووية،

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    وهذا الالتزام جوهري في المعاهدة ويجب الحفاظ عليه من أجل جميع الملتزمين به.

    أنقذ شعوبنا!.
    أنقذ كوكبنا ??? !!!.

    شكرا وشكرا جزيلا لكم على تضامنكم في بناء مستقبل أفضل وأكثر استدامة وأمنا.

    بصحة جيدة دائما!.

  4. When it comes to the world of investing, most people don't know where to start. Fortunately great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance..

  5. successful people know to exploit even a random act of kindness on the part of an employee in order to make money for the corporation for which they work. The purpose of the corporation is to make money, and reducing an employee to nothing more than extension of the CEO is a perfect example.

  6. i will forever be indebted to you Mrs Sophia ?you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Sophia Johnny ..

  7. S:
    Starts with storytelling that effectively grabbed the audience's attention.
    The story she told had significance that she used to segue into her point
    Used TV as a visual aid to display the written note (Use of props)
    Tonality in voice correlates well to the points she wanted to emphasize
    Decent eye contact with camera and crowd
    Gesturing correlates with points/expressions

    Small stage restricts her movement, she stood still and feels very stiff
    Other than the TV, no other aids were used. (Perhaps this was intentional so as to keep attention on her)
    She spent excessive time explaining one point, audience may have lost interest

    Already had a TV, perhaps she could have used this to a stronger extent to better maintain audience attention.
    She may have been able to use other tactics such as question asking, hypothetical scenario setting in her talks.

    Limits herself as she mostly uses storytelling to engage audience
    Stories she shared may not have properly correlated to point she was trying to make
    Some of her gesturing can make her seemed closed off (6:026:19)
    Facial expression lacking, feels monotonous

  8. Thank you for the clear words. I noticed that often many empty words are used on the topic of knowledge management and there is hardly any meaning behind them. That was not the case here. Thank you for your contribution!