The Mystery of the 'SECRET' Revealed

The Mystery of the 'SECRET' Revealed

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Darren Hardy has been the central business leader of the success media industry for 25+ years. More than anyone alive today, Darren has met, interviewed and uncovered the methods used by the most successful people in the world. He now teaches these unique success strategies exclusively to those who choose to… Be The Exception.

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  1. Absolutely agreed with this! I was going through a very tough time 2 years ago… All I would do was visualize everything I wanted down to the tiniest of details. This caused me to look for every single opportunity that arises to get to my goal. One year later everything came true and soooo much more. Loving life right now! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Excellent and timely insight in a world which teaches people that 'The Secret' is hidden knowledge held by gurus on a higher plane.
    Thank you Darren for your willing service to all mankind, I know you are making a difference, because you make a difference to me.

  3. Wow :))))) this is like reading "The Compound Effect" all over again! I can totally relate to that example because it happened to me 3 years ago when I was shopping for my car – I only saw the model I wanted to purchase as if that was the only car on the street! And again with a few of my inventions. Thanks again for your mentorship Darren.