The Most Powerful Mindset for Success | 2021 Motivation

The Most Powerful Mindset for Success | 2021 Motivation

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Watch this video to unlock the secret truth of how your brain works. Developing a growth mindset will allow you to succeed in all areas of your life.

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Speaker: Dr. Andrew Huberman

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  1. 6:07 " I don't believe that it's very easy to suppress negative thoughts , however , when you realize that thoughts can be deliberately introduced , you can start replacing negative thoughts with new types of thoughts , so you can always add something in .But when people start to realize that thoughts are very much like physical actions , I wanna remind myself that my thoughts and my actions are essentially the same .The nervous system can organize thought , but I'm going to introduce a thought which is : " I made it through today .I made it through today ." And that's actually worth celebrating at a micro level .You start rewarding incremental steps .Don't spend so much time trying to suppress negative thoughts , but if you have negative thoughts just remember : I can also introduce positive thoughts , the same way I can control running around the block .Positive thoughts are the equivalent of forward physical action , and if you reward them internally , you buffer yourself against the quitting circuit .You are building a stronger version of yourself completely between your own ears .You can push through days and weeks of effort consistently .I don't mean necessarily all nighters , but you can push and push and push.Learning to control these rewards is absolutley key .The hugh wins are great , but it's really about rewarding these increments so you can keep going another 30, another 40 years , 50 years , or 100 years "

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  3. Consider the Apostle Paul:
    In spite of constant persecution, distortions, abandonment, and in the face of death (on several occasions),
    he did NOT lose his focus.
    He was truly "winning" in life.
    Same goes for all of the many names on "Fox's book of martyrs".

    Keep Christ, first, and in the center.
    If not,
    all of the secular motivation and counseling will do nothing.
    Repent, and believe the Gospel.

  4. Thx for your videos, I'm french, and I learn english. And your videos is a good way to improve my understanding, and in the same time, I can watch a content that I like and which allows me to grow, So Thank you

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  6. Nice video! I always enjoy thinking about how to change one's mindset and personal development through the lens of science – neurological, physiological, etc. Can't complain with that! Also, @Motivation Madness could you please share the name of the first music score in this video?! I first heard it in a tribute video to Jared Lorenzen but had no way of finding it! It strikes right to me core. Much appreciated!

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