The MOST Eye-Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | BIG Companies Don't Want YOU To See This!

The MOST Eye-Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | BIG Companies Don't Want YOU To See This!

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    Here is the quote that made me drop out of college and start Absolute Motivation.

    “If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you'll spend your life completely wasting your time. You'll be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing thing you don't like doing, which is stupid.”

    ― Alan Watts

  2. I made a comment on a YouTube video the other day and received several thousand likes and comments, and my teenage son and his friend saw it and immediately showed me a level of respect and regard that far outweighed the act itself. It was disturbing to think that I provide for his emotional and personal welfare, yet the most respect I received was for a simple comment that would be forgotten tomorrow. Brave new world indeed.

  3. Facebook, Instagram etc…Has been used by criminals for identity fraud information. It also has made the developer of these apps very very rich for every photo, friend request, and Information people has put in these apps. They cash out big money also the information is also turn over to the NSA about everyone. The government is just making characteristics profiles for there big plan against your freedoms. That’s coming in a few years. Y’all keep giving social media information y’all will learn the hard way like all those doing prison time and those still missing not to be found. Stay woke people stop giving social media your information.

  4. All this is just older people who are afraid of technology and social change. They want everything to stay the same. there was all sorts of anxiety about the printing press… But life moved along. Change is part of life, it's part of everything. This is just the older generation losing their mind because things are different from when they were young.

  5. This is a great advert to explain where we are in the world at this present time. And it's not young peoples fault it's us. We have let this happen.

  6. It is such a different world than when I grew up. At 71, I do not recognize it. Technology has accelerate, and spiritual growth/awareness has declined. Emotions serve a purpose, but they are not meant to rule us, yet we do just that instead of relying on our intellect and reasoning skills. It is not just the children who are misusing technology, adults are too and we are guardians for the youth. We live in turbulent times and do need a reset, but not from the government, but from each individual, to grow and nurture their soul/spirit/life force energy. May each one find their path to God, but not through man made dogma. Our goals are the same, to improve our spirit, we just have different paths to achieve that. If everyone would just apply the Golden Rule, what a vast change that one simple application would make to our lives and our world.

  7. That was an awesome video, loved the Dali style drawings; it seems like appropriate depiction of the content. I agree with every point. We all need to take responsibility for our lives and stop feeling like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It's not that difficult really to feel alive and aware of we stop and listen to our souls and not our minds!
    All my nephews and nieces are addicted to social media and video games. All of their parents say they know how bad it is for them specially in the long run, yet they allow it. That is difficult for me to understand…maybe they really don't understand after all and are allowing more youth (their own children in this case) to become programmed.

  8. Why does that s personal n not know the topic he argued, if psychology is strictly behavioral, and as behavioral only changes that no matter what the kinetic subjunction is. . . . . Plus people stopped dying with pleasure devices still attached to them and the screen times out. Too bad, my argument is about the same. Who's privacy are you messing with?

  9. All has been meticulously planned to create the reality we live in, is this the world we want? I think not, so why is it this way? The true controllers are enslaving us to fund our own destruction, and it's working. Once you see the pieces to the puzzle it's no longer a puzzle but a full picture, do you see it? ☝🙏💜

  10. Horrific and totally unnecessary music !!! When people are talking CUT OUT THE BLOODY MUSIC !! I didn't continue watching this for this reason. So no likes or subscription from me.

  11. Enjoyable, touches on some aspects of stoicism. Any media is usually bad for people, without creating awareness, with huge power to psychologically influence to people . Thank you

  12. Crazy how you posted this video with this message, yet the music is so mf loud that you can barely pay attention. Almost like you’re SOOOO close to understanding that our society needs drastic changes.