The jobs we'll lose to machines — and the ones we won't | Anthony Goldbloom

The jobs we'll lose to machines — and the ones we won't | Anthony Goldbloom

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Machine learning isn’t just for simple tasks like assessing credit risk and sorting mail anymore — today, it’s capable of far more complex applications, like grading essays and diagnosing diseases. With these advances comes an uneasy question: Will a robot do your job in the future?

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  1. No i think the technological advancement will only give job. Never take job. Look today. Factories everywhere. All on machines. Someone without job? No. New types of jobs are coming all for us. The world will be jobless only when the world is problemless. As long as the world have problems humanity will have plenty of job for everyone.

  2. the 1st and 2nd generation dont have to worry but the 3rd and 4th will humans repeat themself just different place different time the old saying history repeats but ai by that point can look back and recall something that happen 1 year ago or 1000 years ago if it was there thats because our basic needs haven't been changed we need food shelter light and a scenes of belonging to something ai right now need rare earth resources , electricity and someone or something to learn from i can predict at a certain point ai will wont us gone or population reduce because we use rare earth resources for our own less then need for survival thank about it do you need a phone or a computer to survive ai might see that as wasteful but ai need the materiel its compost of to grow and become stronger so in other words its part of its own basic needs for survival that contrast our wants might what to put ai in space so it can have almost unlimited resources and humans are there to find new ways to use the resources

  3. Due to advances in ML, this content is out of date and no longer accurate. But it’s amazing to see how much has changed in such a short period of time.

  4. hahah the arrogance of this man is hilarious. To think base and unsophisticated "jobs" like making art and music were impossible for machines to replace, what a fool. There are NO safe jobs, its not a question of if AI will replace jobs its only a matter of WHEN. I am assuming the vast majority of work will be completely automated by 2040 and a few large mega corporations will control nearly the entire economy on earth by then. The future is not bright abundance for all, it is slavery and extermination for those who survive the next decade or two and extreme excess for those with power.

  5. Was trying to figure out which jobs AI won't automate. That's when he said copywriting, which I do and was looking for an alternative career. Now I understand nothing is really out of reach of AI

  6. cashier inventory cleaning cooking driving writeing art and programing will all be done by ai and a load more autocad drafting you can now build a house with only two men instead of 10. there are no jobs that are safe i will repeat no jobs

  7. Weren’t machines supposed to help us to do the difficult things, so that we only should do the easy things? Doing repetitive things are easier than solving novel situations. Why aren’t the machines doing the difficult job instead of the easy ones?

  8. Watching this video from 2023. After the launch of ChatGPT. It's sad to say that machines are more creative than me

  9. When machines will be able to perform ALL tasks as humans can, the extermination of all humans, but a handful, will be triggered! Not by AI, but by other humans. And make no mistake, that day is comming!