The Importance of Forgiveness | Eckhart Teachings

The Importance of Forgiveness | Eckhart Teachings

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Discover the importance of forgiveness in the karmic wheel in this video and how consciousness or the lack of it is directly related …

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  1. I am moving towards forgiveness and compassion for the suffering that an angry and abusive person is experiencing and causing. I feel more free and more happy and peaceful to have this forgiveness and compassion for what is. My Big question is, upon accepting "What is" and forgiving a person, should I also remove myself from an intimate relationship in which I feel some sort of danger and harm (physically and mentally). Do I forgive and accept what is and allow this to be in my intimate personal life or do I forgive, and peacefully remove myself from that space. My feeling is the latter as it may allow the person to take a journey to become more conscious (or not) on their own?

  2. I have a grudge for all people who hurting my reputation, status and happiness and people. Because reputation is crucial for finding love. Because women and love is super important for my happiness I will defend it with my life. People provocating me with talking not to my advantage. If they dont talk to my advantage I want them to die. My reputation must be to my advantage. It shall be great. I will show them how great I am. I will win. A high quality woman. A 10. Everything else is a disgrace upon nature.

  3. being brutally honest, hearing that the ones who have abused me as a child will have to suffer the same pain i did actually made me deeply sad. enough for tears. I don't want anyone to feel the pain that i have felt, and it made me so sad to know that their suffering is now unavoidable, even though they brought it upon themselves.

  4. The ego is always desperate to hold on to anger and resentment. Thinking about the past (or the future) won't change a thing – presence and being mindful is where it's at. You have to turn that pain body into love, compassion and non-judgement. It takes time and commitment but soon you will start to have less intrusive emotions and negative thoughts. Love to all.

  5. Degrees of unconscious is the same ✨energy field✨ as the madness of human history = Human unconsciousness at a more pronounced level ? all in the first 2 minutes ??‍♀️ Master Eckart ?HBD ??

  6. 6:05 Tolle should learn psychology because there are villains that must be stopped and there's no karma in stopping them because they are evil and will keep causing suffering like fascists for example.

  7. The importance of helping the victim out from abuse and helping her being healed I understand.The importance of forgiveness I don't understand,forgiving for what if we are not living together anyway.If they apologize I forgive,if they don't then of course I'm not,I don't need forgiveness as a trait.People who ever helped victims never talk about forgiveness.People who never helped victims,they do.Maybe once I will learn that too,maybe in few decade I learn forgiveness but even if yes,it will be a long way,as I don't even understand why to knowing that personality trait.

  8. I have forgiven a lot by remembering what Jesus said on the cross. It took me about 40-50 years to understand what he said. What a feeling of relief to understand “they don’t know what they do”. What Oprah said “if they knew better they would do better”. It might have been Myah Angelu saying it.

  9. We continue to be animals in evolution. Just as there are very ferocious animals, there are also animals that are not aggressive, the same in the human race.

  10. But if a society becomes more just, more civil, more peacefull, wasn't there an invovolvent of people who wanted to change the unfairness and the bad actions? If the slaughter in Germany had not been stopped,? Mhhhm I wish he could answer this?